Why Mobile Apps Fail? Here Are the 5 Harsh Reasons

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Almost 9 million mobile applications are available for download on the internet, and you are planning to add one more robust and feature-rich mobile application to that list.

A mobile application can be a way to take your business to new heights, but Instead of being optimistic, there’s a sense of fear that your app might not survive in the market.

According to the reports published by AppsFlyer, mobile apps’ uninstall rate after one month is around 28 % worldwide.

The Fear Is Real.

You can’t run away from this fear; instead, you can analyze why these mobile applications have become a failure for business enterprises.

Why are mobile applications failing? 

There are plenty of reasons restricting mobile applications from becoming successful, but five reasons significantly impact apps to become unsuccessful. 

  1. Poor Market Research
  2. Bad Marketing Strategies
  3. Horrible User Experience
  4. Lack Of App Testing
  5. Lack Of Authenticity

So without further delay, let’s get back to our topic Why Mobile Apps Fail? Here are the 5 Harsh Reasons.

1-Poor Marketing Research

Marketing research plays a crucial role in deciding what kind of product should be made and who will be the target audience for that product.

Many businesses take marketing research for granted and end up not meeting the expectation of customers. They should not forget the proper market research is the first and essential step for an application’s success.

There are different types of market research you can do, such as:-

  • Competitor research
  • Customer analysis is crucial for your business to adopt your competitors’       strategies to make an ideal application for your customers.
  • Consumer research
  • Consumer research is all about identifying the customer and make an app that will fulfill those needs. It will give you a basic idea of what features consumers want in your mobile application.
  • Brand research
  • Brand research helps you get a competitive advantage over others and enables you to make decisions related to your application’s pricing, positioning, and distribution.
  • Surveys and interviews
  • Surveys and Interviews let your customers give their opinion about the app, which helps you make required changes and resolve issues before building an application.

This type of comprehensive marketing research ensures that everything is going in the right direction, and you can further build a mobile application.

Some vital Importance of Marketing Research are:-

  • Deep understanding of your customer’s needs and requirements
  • Help to identify different business opportunities.
  • Reduces the risk of failure
  • Broad understanding of competitors strategies
  • Enhances Decision-Making.

Flawed marketing research often leads to dissatisfaction among customers, so one must ensure proper marketing research before building a mobile application.

2-Bad Marketing Strategies

Publicizing your mobile application is crucial as it helps potential customers know about your newly built application. Marketing your app is the process of letting customers know about the existence of your app.

There are around 9 million apps available on the Play Store. If you don’t practice the right marketing strategies, it’s doubtful that your app will survive. 

Many companies make the mistake of advertising their app after launching. But, app advertising should be done even before the launch of your application to make people curious about your app.

What are the right marketing strategies?

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., allow you to showcase your application to the world. It can boost downloads and user engagement for your newly built application.

It is one of the effective ways to build a community and lets you interact with your customers.

  •  Influencer Marketing
  • Influencer marketing helps you reach out to an already engaged and responsive audience. Collaboration with influencers helps your app reach out to new people and boost app downloads and engagement.
  • Email Marketing
  • You can create a mail list of already interested customers and send them promotional posts and regular updates via email about your app.
  • KPIs
  • Key Performance Indicators used to measure your app performance include Cost Per Acquisition(CPA), Click-Through Rate(CTR), Conversion Rate, Cost Per Install, etc.

 It allows you to evaluate your app performance and details the improvement areas required for your application.

  • App Store Optimization
  • App store optimization(ASO) is optimizing play sores on which you uploaded your application. It works like SEO as you need to use proper keywords to get ranked on play stores and organic downloads for your app.

Benefits of right marketing strategies are:-

  • Boosts sales
  • Create awareness about the product
  • Builds brand reputation
  • Customer Engagement
  • Bring new customers

3-Horrible User Experience

Many elements are included in creating an app that enhances the user’s experience. It is one of the essential factors that decide whether your app will survive in the market or not.

User Experience is often ignored in building a feature-rich application, but User experience should be considered equally important as creating an application with many features.

Some of the significant issues that result in poor user experience are:-

  • Long loading time
  • Higher battery consumption
  • Slow speed or lagging
  • Excessive ads
  • Poor app UX design
  • Long registration process

A key to make your mobile application a huge success is to enhance the user experience by providing them a great deal of value. An ideal application takes into consideration both features and user experience. 

The User Interface(UI) design or graphical design of your application should be engaging enough to provide an excellent on-screen experience to users. The User Experience(UX) method makes it easy for customers to interact.

Benefits of making a user-friendly application are:-

  • The increased satisfaction rate among customers
  • High retention rate
  • Ensure customer loyalty
  • Boost app downloads
  • Increased revenue

4-Lack Of App Testing

Application testing is essential before uploading an application on play stores. Proper app testing allows you to find issues that users might face after using it. 

In your application testing phase, you should think like a user and immediately report any kind of App crashing to the team.

Consequences of Improper App testing are:-

  • Increased expenses
  • Dissatisfaction among users
  • Delay in product launching
  • Bad brand reputation
  • Low retention rate

An app testing ensures that the users will not face any difficulties accessing the app and the application is ready to hit the market.

Benefits of an App testing are:-

  • Ensures proper functioning of an app
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Increased revenue
  • High retention rate
  • Reduced expenses

5-Lack Of Authenticity

A variety of similar mobile apps are available to download on play stores. It raises doubt on many mobile applications’ authenticity, resulting in increased dissatisfaction and low retention.

So How Would You Compete With The Apps That have the Same Features As Yours?

You can simply prove the originality of your app by creating Unique Value Proposition(UVP). UVP is a statement that answers the following questions:-

  • What are the different benefits of using your app?
  • How will your app solve their problem?
  • What makes your app different from your competitors?

UVP ensures that the app you are launching is unique and elaborates every reason to them on why they should use your app.


Marketing research, Marketing strategies, and User experience are the key factors that decide an application’s survival. You can save your application from failing by practicing these factors in your application-building process.

That ends our blog on; Why Mobile Apps Fail? Here are the 5 Harsh Reasons. If you have any other suggestions, then feel free to write in the comment section below.