7 Professional Tips for Maintaining Indoor Waterfalls

Indoor water fountains in offices or homes add to the majestic décor and create a relaxing environment. The water trickling through glass surface and artistic appearance of the indoor waterfalls is a stunning decorative accessory for indoor areas. However, it is important to maintain their pristine condition.

Here are seven essential maintenance tips to keep your indoor waterfalls in their pristine condition. Have a look at them and preserve the newness of the waterfalls.

  1. Check and Refill the Fountain Pump:

Make sure the fountain pump is adequately submerged in water. This highly depends on the climatic conditions and atmosphere of the indoor areas. Moreover, check the pump on monthly basis and refill it with the liquid provided by the manufacturer. You ought to follow the instructions mentioned in the user manual. The fountain pump should be placed in the vinegar solution for effective cleaning.

  • Prevent Algae Growth and Buildup:

The green spot on fountain bowl or changed color of the pump is the outcome of stability of water for prolonged periods of time. They are the possible symptoms od algae and bacteria buildup on the walls of the waterfalls. You can clean it using various algae removal products or simply cleaning it with a sponge and prevent its growth.

  • Clean the Waterfalls Regularly:

Cleaning the indoor waterfalls on regular basis keeps the water fountain look beautiful. This can be done by maintaining proper water levels and cleaning it regularly. Wiping the inner surface of the water fountains with a sponge or non-abrasive cloth will keep the fountain shiny and beautiful in long run. Steps should be taken to keep the waterfalls free from dirt and debris.

  • Seasonal Maintenance:

Maintaining the waterfalls according to changing seasonal conditions is equally important. Upkeep of the water fountains according to seasonal variations helps in preventing the growth of algae and bacteria in the waterfalls.

  • Keep the Fountains running all the Time:

Keeping the water fountains running all the time prevents the regular breakdown of the pump and extends its life. In addition, it will keep the water running, mitigating the chances of standing waters and accumulation of debris.

  • Use Distilled Water:

No doubt the tap water is not going to harm the waterfalls, yet it is not the right choice. Minerals and contaminants of tap water tend to stain and degrade the glass surface of the waterfalls. In order to avoid the staining of the water fountains, distilled water should be used. Distilled water is costlier than normal water but it is helpful in preventing the growth of algae.

  • Add Vinegar to the waterfall:

Many folks avoid adding vinegar to the fountains with a thought that it leads to unpleasant odor. Despite the bad odor of the vinegar, it tends to dissipate over time and leaves the waterfall clean and fresh. For immediate cleaning of the indoor water fountains, apple cider vinegar should be used. Application of vinegar is better than using harmful chemical-based cleaning products. Vinegar is antibacterial and antiseptic in nature and kills the germs effectively.