Hospitality and Tourism Management Course

Hospitality and tourism management is an interesting field of study. The two intertwined concepts have many similarities but also some differences as well. Hospitality refers to the business aspect of providing hospitality services and tourism refers to the tourist industry. Hospitality managers are responsible for the design and management of hospitality facilities. Hospitality workers include but are not limited to bartenders, chefs, housekeeping, front desk work, bell boys and even security personnel. If you want to make career in Hospitality and Travel Industry, then it is important to get formal education from Hotel Management Institute in Delhi and pursue either Degree or Diploma programme.

Hospitality and tourism management is the study of this multi-faceted hospitality sector. There are many different degree options available for those wanting to enter this field. A degree from a University dedicated solely to the study of hospitality can be awarded either fully or partially by a University school, with an area of focus specifically focused on the study of hospitality management.

An Associate’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management is usually awarded at the student’s own college or university. For Indian students who would like to earn a Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management in Delhi, UEI Global Education is normally the preferred option. Students who complete an Associate’s degree course in Hospitality and Tourism Management with a New Delhi University can expect to be hired fairly quickly by hotel chains across the country. This is because the Hospitality and Tourism sector of hotels in New Delhi has grown in recent years due to population growth and the high number of tourists from overseas.

In addition to a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management, you may also wish to consider a certificate course in Hotel Management. The main advantage of enrolling in these programs is that you will have all the theoretical as well as practical background required to enter the hospitality field. Furthermore, if you wish to further your education and take up a managerial job which focuses on Hospitality and Tourism Management in New Delhi, you may want to consider pursuing masters in the same field.

It is important to note that admission into any of these accredited Colleges/ Institutes is competitive. For example, a Hospitality and Tourism Management course from an institution like National Council or UEI Global requires strong academic grades.

 Hospitality and Tourism Management courses generally cover a variety of topics like budgeting, strategic planning, event promotion, event marketing, hospitality, event planning, human resource management, organizing and coordinating activities, customer service and operations management, information technology, travel, leisure, and recreation, and much more. Depending on the program you are choosing, other course topics include legal aspects such as corporate laws, legal protection for workers, and contract law and employment discrimination. A few programs also provide intensive study on tourism management and related areas. Some Hospitality and Tourism Management courses also incorporate business development coursework and internship programs in various participating cities. Many courses also offer distance learning courses in the areas of hospitality and tourism management.

You can also consider taking a Hospitality and Tourism Management course at any other institute. It would be advisable to check if there is a requirement for an exam or a certificate, before you opt for this option. It is also possible to get a one-year diploma from a vocational or trade institute after completing minimum 12th standard from a recognized board of India.

It is also a good idea to read up on the different job titles that are used in this field. This way, you will know what you are getting into. It will also help you decide if this is a career you want to pursue. As long as you have an interest and the time to study, you should be able to succeed in hotel and hospitality management.