Bulk Solutions: SIP Trunking Service Providers

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Bulk Solutions is a SIP Trunking Service Providers. We provide high quality calls with the best value for call origination in the industry – learn more about the voice services we offer!

Who can benefit?

Learn about how you can benefit from our SIP Trunking Service Provider SIP Origination / Inbound and SIP Termination / Outbound services, no matter which kind of enterprise you represent.

Managed Service Providers, We enable you to confidently and reliably work with your customers wherever they are based, providing the coverage you need to serve a nation-wide audience using the best VoIP SIP Trunk Providers in Bulk Solutions.

With our reliable networks, high redundancy, and nationwide reach, you can be confident with us that you can continue delivering the excellent service you promise to your end-users.

Enterprise End-Users, No matter where your offices are based around the country, let groups receive quality calls in every location.

Whether calls between your employees or from your employees and customer service agents to clients, you can rely on our service for enterprise-grade calls.

Why use our SIP Trunking?

As a SIP Trunking Service Provider we’re committed to providing you high-quality and excellent value services.

SIP Origination / Inbound Toll

You can rely on our SIP Trunking Service Provider nationwide footprint for high quality phone calls, with access to thousands of rate centers across the US and Canada to choose numbers from, or that you can port in.

With us, bundles are as low as $0.0003 with no port-in fees and no contract, giving you complete freedom when using our service.

SIP Origination / Inbound Toll Free

We are a SIP Trunking Service Provider RespOrg, registered with Somos. We are able to switch toll free routing in the event of higher level carrier outages.

We leverage our partnerships with Verizon, AT&T, and other Tier-1VoIP SIP Trunk Providers for full redundant and extended coverage in the US and Canada.

SIP Termination / Outbound

Need enterprise-grade SIP Trunking Service Provider quality with reliable call completion? We’ve got you covered for SIP Termination! We’re here to assist you however you need.

Bulk Solutions SIP Trunking Benefits

We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible voice services. Read about the advantages of switching to voice services with Bulk Solutions

Excellent Quality

We offer a superior quality call experience, giving you and your customers the best professional experience from the best VoIP SIP Trunk Providers out there.

Freedom and Flexibility

With low cost bundles, no port-in fees, and no set contract, you have complete freedom with us. Pay for what you use without needing to get trapped in a contract with inflexible quotas and pricing!

Highly reliable

With our SIP Trunking Service Provider Tier-1 carrier partnerships, we have complete and redundant coverage across the US and Canada, and with the ability to switch routing in the event of outages, we give you peace of mind that you will always be able to make and receive high-quality calls.

We are also a E911 Service Provider and provideRoboCall Prevention.

Below you will find our services and pricing.

United States Origination Numbers:

Inbound Per Minute Usage: $0.0003 (3 zeros! lowest rate in the industry)

Monthly Cost Per Number: $0.06

Setup Fee: $0.05

Port In (LNP) Fee : $0.00 (COMPLETELY FREE)

Toll Free Numbers:

Inbound Per Minute Usage: $0.0055

Monthly Cost Per Number: $0.14

Setup Fee: $0.99

Port In (LNP) Fee: $0.00 (COMPLETELY FREE)

Vanity Numbers:  Same as above, no extra cost

CNAM (Caller ID Name)

$0.002 per query

with Robocall Mitigation  (COMPLETELY FREE)

8YY Outbound Toll Free:


$0.0012 – 1 to 99,999 minutes

$0.0016 – 100,000 to 999,999 minutes

$0.0020 – 1,000,000+ minutes

Enhanced 911

Monthly Cost Per Number: $0.49

Kari’s Law notification options  (COMPLETELY FREE)

Ray Baum’s compliance tools with Dynamic E911  (COMPLETELY FREE)


$0.0001 per query

Canadian Origination Numbers:

Inbound Per Minute Usage: $0.002

Monthly Cost Per Number: $0.25

Setup Fee: $0.05

Port In (LNP) Fee: $4.00

Please email us at sales@bulkvs.com with any questions, our representatives are always ready to answer your questions.