Bulk Solutions: RoboCall Mitigation Services

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The Bulk Solutions RoboCall Mitigation solution combines behavioral analytics, caller authentication and verification to help accurately identify robocalls, caller ID spoofers and call scammers.

Why RoboCall Mitigation is a Must

There are 2,000 Robocalls every second and this number is increasing. On average each person receives 15 RoboCalls per month.

Our RoboCall mitigation service is included at no extra cost to provide you with more security! Every CNAM DIP is checked with our RoboCall mitigation algorithm, classifying calls as robots, spam, or fraud and displaying warnings on the display field.

What does this all mean?

• Nearly $500 million dollars is lost annually due to scam calls.

• 69% of fraud victims were contacted by phone.

• 76% of consumers do not answer if they don’t recognize or if the caller’s number is anonymous.

• IT’S TIME and your obligation to help your valued customers.

If you already use our CNAM product there is no further integration needed. RoboCall Mitigation is an overlay service to our CNAM product!

Integrating with the Bulk Solutions API

After having integrated with our API, you can then query our system in order to return Caller ID Name information on incoming calls. You can additionally set up robocall mitigation to identify numbers that have been identified as spoofers, scammers and robots, choosing a label to display when these calls arrive to warn you.

We also provide a clear overview of your CNAM log, so you can keep track of all information in one easy-to-access location.

We support all telecommunication CNAM methods:






More About Robocall Mitigation with Bulk Solutions

At Bulk Solutions, we are serious about RoboCall Prevention for clients. In fact, our RoboCall Mitigation solution combines insights from behavioral analytics, caller authentication and verification to help accurately identify robocalls, caller ID spoofers, and call scammers – we are THE RoboCall Blocking solution!

How RoboCall Prevention for Clients Works

There are often abnormal patterns that our intelligent systems can detect that may signal that a call is coming from a robocall source. This may involve making an unusually high volume of calls in a short time, spoofing activity, and Caller ID overriding.

Identifying such patterns is key in our RoboCall Mitigation and RoboCall Prevention system.

To fine tune your own RoboCall Blocking service, we also allow you to define your own Caller Name override – so this means with Bulk Solutions, you can really get the RoboCall Prevention service precisely how you need it.

The Magic of RoboCall Blocking

In addition to behavioral patterns and insights, we are also able to identify invalid numbers in addition to unallocated and unassigned numbers, which again signals likely activity from robocallers, scammers, and spoofers.

And should a call come through – we are able to warn you of possible RoboCalls via the caller name display to alert you precisely where our RoboCall Mitigation system suspects a suspicious call.

Below you will find our services and pricing.

United States Origination Numbers:

Inbound Per Minute Usage: $0.0003 (3 zeros! lowest rate in the industry)

Monthly Cost Per Number: $0.06

Setup Fee: $0.05

Port In (LNP) Fee : $0.00 (COMPLETELY FREE)

Toll Free Numbers:

Inbound Per Minute Usage: $0.0055

Monthly Cost Per Number: $0.14

Setup Fee: $0.99

Port In (LNP) Fee: $0.00 (COMPLETELY FREE)

Vanity Numbers:  Same as above, no extra cost

CNAM (Caller ID Name)

$0.002 per query

with Robocall Mitigation  (COMPLETELY FREE)

8YY Outbound Toll Free:


$0.0012 – 1 to 99,999 minutes

$0.0016 – 100,000 to 999,999 minutes

$0.0020 – 1,000,000+ minutes

Enhanced 911

Monthly Cost Per Number: $0.49

Kari’s Law notification options  (COMPLETELY FREE)

Ray Baum’s compliance tools with Dynamic E911  (COMPLETELY FREE)


$0.0001 per query

Canadian Origination Numbers:

Inbound Per Minute Usage: $0.002

Monthly Cost Per Number: $0.25

Setup Fee: $0.05

Port In (LNP) Fee: $4.00

Please email us at sales@bulkvs.com with any questions, our representatives are always ready to answer your questions.