Top 10 Fruitful Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel In A Month!

With more than 2 billion monthly users, YouTube is the second-largest social media platform globally. 

“According to the report by Buffer, Around 62% of business enterprises are using YouTube to post their video content.”

As people spend billions of their hours watching videos on YouTube, you get a tremendous opportunity to attract viewers to your YouTube channel.


Growing your YouTube channel can be challenging as millions of people are trying to promote their channels. But don’t worry, the task of promoting your YouTube channel won’t be difficult if you know the right tips to grow a YouTube channel.

In this blog, I’ll discuss ten tips to grow a YouTube channel so that you get the desired number of views on your video…

10 Tips For Growing Your YouTube Channel

  #1. Post Multiple Times In A Week

Posting a video on YouTube multiple times a week will help you get the desired video engagement. It’s essential to be consistent with your YouTube posting. 

It means, If you post four videos in a week and then post nothing for one month, then you won’t get the desired views and subscribers.

If you post videos on YouTube regularly, it will improve your ranking in the algorithm and earn subscribers.

#2. Write Catchy And Engaging Titles

Source: Content Marketing Institute

Writing killer YouTube video titles helps you to grab the audience’s attention. It’s the title of your video that decides whether the user will watch your video or not. To make your title look engaging, make sure you keep the following things in mind:

  • The ideal length of the YouTube title is between 41 and 70 characters.
  • Adding a number in your title is always a good idea.
  • Add your focus keyword in the title.
  • Adding “Video” in your title will improve its searchability.
  • Keep your title descriptive.

#3. Do Keyword Research

Source: Backlinko

Adding relevant keywords in your video will help your video show up at the top of the search result when users search for those keywords. 

If you can find out the keywords that most of the audience is searching for right now on YouTube, adding those keywords to your video can make it rank on YouTube.

How To Find the Right Keywords For Your Video?

  • Use YouTube autocomplete.
  • Use keywords of your competitors’ top videos.
  • Use keyword research tools like ahrefs.

#4. Pick The Right Thumbnail For Your Video

Source: PosterMyWall

Thumbnails of your YouTube can decide the success or failure of your video. The video with relevant and engaging thumbnails gets more views than videos with poor thumbnails.

A good thumbnail

  • Has the title text in it.
  • Has a  unique and impressive font style.
  • Has relevant and eye-catching images.
  • It can be easily visible on all devices.
  • Has the right size of 1280 x 720 pixels.
  • Has the Picture of the faces, preferably making eye contact.

#5. Add End Screens To Promote Your Other Videos

Source: YouTube

End Screens is a helpful tool that keeps your users stay on your channel by directing them to your other videos at the end of your video. Make sure you leave the 10-20 seconds of free space at the end of your video so that you can add an End Screen.

Adding the End screen in your video helps you keep your users on your channel only, which will boost your overall video engagement.

You can also use End Screens to add a subscribe button and give a link to your website.

#6. Promotion On Other Social Media Platforms

Source: YouTube

You can promote your YouTube videos to different social media channels to increase your video’s number of views. Promoting your videos on other social media platforms like Instagram. Facebook, Twitter, etc., can help you grow your YouTube channel.

You can also post your video links on social media channels and invite people to subscribe to your channel.

#7. Go Live To Engage Your Audience

Source: MakeUseOf

Going live on YouTube even once a week can boost your channel’s user engagement and increase your subscribers.

YouTube live allows you to connect to your audience directly. You can also do FAQs sessions by going live on YouTube for better user engagement.

You can either use your smartphone or webcam for doing live sessions on YouTube.

#8. Don’t Forget To Add CTA

Adding CTAs at the end of your YouTube video allows you to ask your users to do your desired action. Sometimes, the user forgot to give a like or subscribe to your channel even after enjoying your video, so adding a call to action in your video can remind them.

There are plenty of CTAs you can use to drive more traffic and gain subscribers. Some examples of YouTube call-to-actions are:

  • “Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.”
  • “Share with your friends.”
  • “Leave a comment.”
  • “Click the link below.”

#9. Create A Playlist

Adding a playlist to your YouTube channel is an effective strategy to increase the number of time users spend on your video.

Playlist allows your user to watch your other videos just after they get finished with the first one. In simple words, It keeps your users jumping from one video to another.

YouTube Playlists lets you add your videos of the same kind to one category, so the user doesn’t find it challenging to watch similar videos.

You can use an auto-play option for your playlist so that the next video will play automatically without any users’ action.

#10. Embed Your Videos

Source: HelpNDOC

When you allow embedding on your YouTube video, it means your users can share your video on their website, blog, or channel. Embedding your videos helps you gain enormous video engagement as it allows you to reach out to a new audience.

To embed your video, go to the video manager, select the video you want to edit, then go to Advanced setting and allow embedding. That’s it you’re good to go.

Once you allow the embedding, your users have to click on the share button on your video, and then they just have to copy the link and paste it to their website.


The above-discussed tactics on how to promote your YouTube channel will help your business nurture and grow enormously.

You have to keep in mind many things, like choosing the right thumbnail, writing the eye-catching title, adding relevant keywords, creating a playlist, etc., to attract an audience to your YouTube channel.

Make sure you grasp all the tips discussed-above to grow your YouTube channel.

And that’s a wrap!

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