Some Innovative Packaging Designs to Glamorize Your Cosmetics Line

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Cosmetics have been in use for centuries, but as these products have evolved, so does their boxes. We can no longer use kohl for our eyes. And in the same manner, we cannot use some harmful chemicals to brighten our complexion. Every product has evolved, and only we use cosmetics to look good. But we also use it to protect our skin. And in the same manner, companies are using cosmetic packaging that not only secures their product. But also increase their sales. Competition has increased. And we should take the steps that could convince our clients, and increase our sales. 

But how could we get ourselves the perfect packaging boxes? How could we bring modernism and innovation to our cases? In this article, we would be discussing some Innovative packaging designs. And would also be addressing how to glamorize our cosmetics line.

Customize Your Packaging Boxes With Printing Methods:

For innovatively customizing our packaging boxes, we must know about various printing methods. We would be discussing some brief descriptions of each process for better understanding.

Screen Printing:

It is the method that can give a smooth and sleek look and touch to our packaging boxes. Screen printing might cost you a little, but you can still afford it at a reasonable budget. In this printing method, we use plastisol ink, a mesh, and the blocking utensils. Mesh is used to smearing the ink all over the printable surface. And we use some equipment to control its flow. With screen printing, the design on the packaging boxes does not fade. And the ink that we use during the method does not change the nature of the packaging box.

Digital Printing:

We can predict through the name that digital printing must be done digitally. It is the printing method in which we download an electronic file from the internet. We can also draw the file by ourselves by using some software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. This method is most useful as it is not only quickest but also cost-effective. This method is known all over the world. And it is getting used by many business persons all over the world.


No matter which types of material you use, you can still customize it with flexography. This printing method was later known as letterpress and is evolved. In this method, we use a relief plate, and it also has high-speed rotary functionality. Whether you have a metallic plate, cardboard, fabric, or any other material, it could get customized with flexography.


It is also known as rotogravure. And in this method, we use a metal plate and press our material through it. The process of gravure is somewhat complex, but this method is budget-conscious. It helps us to print uniform colors onto our packaging box. And it does not affect the original pigment of the image that would get incised onto the paper. In gravure, the model is etched to the metallic cylinder. 

And in this way, from one end, we press the paper into it. And from the other end, we receive the customized material.

Customize Your Packaging Boxes With Engraving And Embossing:

Many luxurious brands tend to look for new techniques. Each company tries to give a modern and smooth look to its packaging cases. And in this way, they could impress and attract new clients. And for this purpose, techniques like engraving and embossing are popular among luxurious brands. Both of these techniques give a modern and updated look to our boxes. 

In the process of engraving, we carve the design onto the surface of our package. While embossing gives a 3-D look to our boxes. In embossing, the image pops out of the facade. Both techniques might be different from one another but can give a charming look to our boxes. 

Manufacture Your Packaging Boxes In Unique Shape:

A packaging box must always be unique and alluring. Have you ever wondered why companies spend much time on the customization of their packaging cases? In this way, they try to make their packages more attractive to attract clients. Imagine yourself walking through an aisle filled with the packaging of the same size and dimensions. Would you ever be able to distinguish between products and what they are used for? And that is the reason why a packaging box of suitable shape not only represents the product professionally. But it also secures the product by keeping it tidy in its place.

Customize Your Packaging Boxes With Brand’s Info:

What type of information should we print on our boxes? Why are they important Cosmetics? Make sure that you print the following info on the box:

  • Print or carve in the brand’s logo and slogan,
  • Print products manufacturing and expiration date,
  • Imprint ingredients of the product,
  • Print instructions on how to use the product,
  • Tell the customers how to store the product, etc.

Use the appropriate font and arrange the statements aptly. Use the right color and make sure that your package appears professional.

Customize Your Packaging Boxes With a Unique Theme And Color:

Color affects our choice greatly. You must have noticed that sometimes we purchase a product solely because its branding is customized with our favorite color. Do not use colors that are too dark or light. Use appropriate themes and customize your cosmetics packaging accordingly. Primary colors for product customization and use bald color if you wish to sell expensive products. Use lamination to make the color appear professional and to protect the box.