Observe the proportions: 3 rules for choosing the right top for your trousers

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 Pants have long become an integral part of the modern girl’s wardrobe. Thanks to the variety of styles, now they can be selected for any height and type of figure. However, to create harmonious images, you need to learn how to compose the top and bottom. This will allow you to wear trousers with blouses, shirts, T-shirts and T-shirts , while looking stylish and elegant.

Picking up to skinny pants

Skinny is one of the trendiest pants and jeans. They can be found in the wardrobe of ordinary girls, celebrities and Instagram stars. Such popularity is explained by the fact that skinny visually lengthen the image, making the figure slimmer, and the legs – longer. However, this is also their main drawback. With the same close-fitting top, they look either vulgar or overly ridiculous. To avoid this, stylists recommend mixing skinny with a voluminous top. This could be:

  • oversized shirt;
  • jacket, as if taken from a man’s shoulder;
  • knitted sweater or cardigan;
  • tunic;
  • baggy blazer;
  • hoodie;
  • men’s shirt;
  • the T-shirt is several sizes larger.
  • If you are intimidated by the large volume at the top, wear a top, T-shirt, T-shirt or a tight golf turtleneck under the shirt or jacket . This will emphasize the dignity of the figure shiza hassan saree, but at the same time it will not flaunt it.
  • Skinny is also attractive because it can be combined with almost any shoe, except for flip flops. They can be complemented by shoes and stiletto heels, closed-toe sandals, ankle straps, sneakers, sneakers and wedges.

·         Matching the top to wide trousers

  • Palazzo and culottes are trendy representatives of this model of trousers. The former are high-waisted, floor-length trousers that extend from the waist or hip. The culottes visually look the same, but differ in that they only reach the middle of the calves in length. Both models are suitable for tall girls with long legs. Other models of wide trousers can be worn by the owners of a curvy figure, for whom they will help to hide full hips and legs. But here, to balance the voluminous bottom, the top should be tight.
  • If you want more volume on the top, don’t forget to emphasize the waist. Otherwise, the image will turn out to be baggy, and the figure will be shapeless. In spring and summer, street style lovers can complement wide trousers or jeans with a bra or a crop top. Such combinations can be found in collections of images of Kendall Jenner, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Hayley Bieber.
  • Palazzo pants are best worn with platform clogs, stiletto sandals, flat sandals. With culottes, in addition to these shoes, mules, sneakers, espadrilles and loafers will look good. In both cases, low-heeled shoes should be avoided.

·         How to combine a voluminous bottom and top?

  • Oversized clothing has been in trend for several seasons. Therefore, it is not surprising that fashion stylists are now not afraid to combine wide leg pants and jeans with a baggy top. It can also be a men’s jacket, blazer, oversized shirt, or knitted cardigan. Wearing a tight-fitting golf turtleneck, T-shirt, T-shirt, or crop top under the chunky top can add a silhouette to your look.

Another element with which the outfit looks textured and graphic is the belt. It emphasizes the waist and makes the figure, dressed in baggy things, visually slimmer. If you don’t want to use a belt, tuck a wide shirt or blouse into your trousers. Stylists even recommend wearing knitted cardigans and blazers this way. This will give your figure an hourglass shape when the loose bottom and puffy top are balanced by the slender waist.