What is a mobile proxy and why you might need it

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A mobile proxy is a service used on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets that are connected to mobile networks. To activate mobile proxy, your device must be connected to the internet via mobile data. The service masks your real IP address, replacing it with the designated connection. For example, a device is connected via a 4G network and is assigned a specific IP address. Mobile proxies like this 4g mobile proxy are always authentic and will show up as a legitimate user in the specified country.

Instances where you need a mobile proxy

Mobile proxy becomes a great tool when you want to mask your IP address on your mobile. If you’re faced with endless captcha input and a workaround, chances are Google has tagged the IP you are using. You can try to disconnect and then reconnect to get a new IP, or you can get a 4G mobile proxy that can provide you with a new IP. The process is easier and you can get high-quality mobile proxies from litport.net started much faster.

If you have multiple social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you need to get a mobile proxy. These platforms generally discourage logging in with the same IP address and can block you if you do it on the same device all the time. A mobile proxy server can confuse social media account administrators and prevent activity from flagged as suspicious. Just try to be clear about which country you’re logging into with the same account, and you don’t have to worry about sanctions.

Mobile proxies and social networks

As a social media marketer, you can have multiple social media accounts. You can also be a social media account manager for multiple brands. And the scope of your work can spread across multiple social media platforms. Alternatively, you may need to access data about social media users. However, there is usually a lot you can do before social media platforms that have become strict will flag your IP address as suspicious for any of these activities. If any of these scenarios determine your current situation, then mobile proxies are for you.

Social media management

Social media platforms are stricter than ever. They have limited the number of accounts that can use a single IP address to 5. Exceeding this number will block one, if not all, accounts using the same IP address.  However, thanks to mobile proxies, you can prevent this scenario. With mobile proxy apps, you can run about 10 accounts at the same time, depending on the proxy provider, and more than 30 accounts at different times. However, the catch is that you have to make sure that all the IP addresses for each social media account belong to the same country. Otherwise, all your efforts will come to nothing.

Data collection / market research

Social media is a hub for information about human behavior that, when used, can shape marketing campaigns. In addition, your competitor’s social media account may contain information about what your target audience likes. However, due to the increased need to ensure the privacy of users on social networks, tools have appeared to control their use. These tools work by blocking data cleansing requests. This blocking forces the platform to flag your IP address as suspicious and ultimately interfere with data cleansing. Thus, successful parsing based on anonymity, and this is where mobile proxies come into play.


Mobile proxies add a layer of anonymity by using IP addresses provided by mobile operators. This extra layer of protection is a vital requirement for social media marketing. With mobile proxies, you can create and manage multiple social media accounts, collect information from competitors, and test products, among other things. However, successful marketing is all about finding a great mobile proxy provider from litport.net.