Serverwala Dedicated Server Japan Review: web hosting for eCommerce Websites

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Dedicated Server Japan Review – eCommerce websites are different from regular websites and that is why their needs are also different. A cheap virtual dedicated server is also known as vds hosting which is the top virtual server type solution. So when it comes to hosting an e-commerce website, you need to make sure that you choose a fast and reliable web hosting provider.

With an eCommerce website, there would be financial transactions and a lot of sensitive data will be stored on your website. To handle all this stuff, you need a lot more resources and a secured environment than you would with a regular website. So, you cannot rely on a Cheap Web Hosting Provider, you need a robust and top-quality hosting, i.e, the Dedicated Server Japan from Serverwala.

The Dedicated Server Hosting Japan would be the best hosting service to host an ecommerce website with nice traffic and decent sales. It would provide an isolated server space and dedicated resources that would ensure an ideal environment to host your e-commerce website.

Let’s know more about Dedicated Servers and the Best Dedicated Server Provider in Japan.

Dedicated Server Defined

A Dedicated Server is a computer set aside for hosting a website or a resource-intensive application. A Dedicated Server can take several forms.

A computer would be reserved on a network for your website or application with a Dedicated Server.

Some of the companies choose the shared server because of its lower price. But this brings the problem of increased loading time or acting lag issues. This happens because the resources are being shared with several other websites on that server. With a Dedicated Server, the clients get the whole server that is one single machine to handle the workload of your website or web applications. The clients would get all the resources and full control and access of the server. This provides them the highest level of flexibility and higher speed and security for your website.

Importance of Dedicated Server Japan for eCommerce Website

If you decide to get a Dedicated Server Japan for your e-commerce website , then you would get the following benefits:


With a Japan Dedicated Server, you are less likely to face the risks of your website getting hacked. Your website and data would reside outside of a public cloud which ensures a more secure environment for your website. Website owners can also take up more security measures as per their preferences on a Dedicated Server.

Speed and Agility

Your website would be able to use all of the resources that would ensure a better speed. So there won’t be any struggle for using resources and no sharing of resources either. This means your website would work to its full potential and there won’t be any lag issues or loading problems.


One of the best advantages you will have while using a Dedicated Server Japan is the fact that you would get full control over the server. You will get more control over the software and hardware.


It would be easy to scale up the resources with a Dedicated Server. Here you can scale up the resources like CPU, extensive network, and disk space as your application or website requires. It would be also possible to upgrade to a larger and faster server to manage the workload on applications and websites.


With a Dedicated Server Hosting Japan, clients would be able to customize the server as per their needs. As you would be renting or purchasing the server all for yourself, it would be easy to customize the settings as per your needs and requirements.

Take a Glance at Serverwala’s Japan Dedicated Hosting

Serverwala is a leading web hosting provider company offering Cheap Dedicated Server in Japan. The company offers several hosting services such as shared server, VPS, Dedicated Server, cloud hosting, and so on. They have a huge customer base who find them reliable, trustable and secure.

Why Host with Serverwala’s Dedicated Server in Japan?

With Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Japan, you will get the following benefits:

Select Your Control Panel

With Serverwala’s Japan Dedicated Server, you would get to choose your control panel. Server management would be easy if you get a variety of control panels. Here you will get to choose from Plesk, cPanel, and Webuzo for managing your bare metal Dedicated Server.

Select Your Operating System

Clients would also get to choose from a variety of operating systems when they choose the Serverwala Dedicated Server Japan.

You can install your preferred operating system from a wide range of Operating Systems that includes CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and Windows OS.

Host Unlimited Websites

Serverwala won’t restrict you from hosting websites so you would be able to host as many websites and web applications as you want. If you have websites that are being hosted on any other type of hosting then you can easily transfer them to Dedicated Server Japan.

SSH Root Access

You would have complete control over the server and you can install any web application or software without any restrictions.

High Performance Guaranteed

Since you will get an entire server for your websites only, you will get the dedicated resources, without having to share them with any other website. This means that the performance of your website would no longer get affected by the performance of any other website.

No Setup Fee

Serverwala offers full transparency with their charges and plans, so there won’t be any hidden charges. You don’t even have to pay anything extra for setting up the server. You can also cancel the server whenever you want to go without having to pay the cancellation fee.

Apart from this, Serverwala offers a high level of reliability, security, and flexibility for its users. So clients would get better performance for their website.

Summing Up

If you are still convinced whether or not you should get Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Hosting Japan, then you should know that they support RAID 0, RAID 5, RAID 10. Apart from these their plans and packages are cheaper than other leading web hosting providers in Japan. So there are plenty of benefits at a reduced cost which makes it the best web hosting for your e-commerce website in Japan.