3 ordinary mistakes while buying area rugs online

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Perhaps, buying area rugs online is a tough job. Without any doubt, it can make or break your dream place. It is one of those tasks that can shatter your home. There is a great probability that you can make certain mistakes during the rug buying process.

 Regardless of the buying method either online or in physical shops, there are certain mistakes. There is a solution for every problem. There are some methods and hints that will help you in getting out of this problem.

Unquestionably, rugs have a huge role in home interiors. They add unique vibes and an appealing texture to your home. so, you don’t want to make big mistakes with this. There is no wonder at all, people usually get confused while buying rugs online. Sometimes they get it random. 

On the other hand, sometimes they study even minor details. However, online rug buying is not so easy. So, make sure that you are making the right selection. While buying a rug keep all these important points in your mind.

  1. Not buying the right rug size 
  2. Ignoring rug pads
  3. Not looking at material

1. Not buying the right rug size 

Rug size is a vital consideration. Probably buying the wrong size rug is the most common mistake. people usually buy the wrong size while purchasing area rugs online. Undoubtedly it is a common observation. People make this blunder always. Generally speaking, people usually buy online rugs without knowing the right size. 

They either buy a rug that is too big or a rug that is too small. Remember in both cases the situation is not acceptable. For buying the right rug online is to take proper measurements. For example, a rug just looks like a mess, when it is unable to cover all furniture. 

However, this mistake is usually due to the lazy attitude of the buyer. He just wants to buy regardless of the actual size. Usually, they make a random guess and buy the wrong rugs. 

It does not end here. Buying the wrong rug online has many other issues. The first and foremost issue is, it destroys the entire look. For making the right measurement you can follow the below-mentioned tips 

  • Take a measuring tape.
  • Now, take the length and width of that particular area. 
  • Undoubtedly it’s better to write all the measurements. After this process finds out the right websites.
  • Make a thorough search and order your area rug online.

Remember, the prior measurement will make the process smooth. Else, you will have to go through the entire shipping process twice. This is not so pleasing in fact. So, it is a pretty good idea to have appropriate measurements. Improper measurements will lead you to have the worst rug.

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2. Ignoring rug pads 

Probably this is the worst nightmare ever. People tend to invest a lot in buying a rug but do not spend on buying a rug pad. Most often they do not understand the worth of rugs. After buying a rug, most people find this done. Usually, they do not consider an underlay that supports the rug.

A rug moving here and there is not a good idea. Without, adding an overlay to a rug is merely a piece of fabric. It is baseless. Buying a rug online without a rug pad is purposeless. No doubt a rug pad is not a show-off like a rug. Moreover, it is a hidden piece. So, we do not want to spend a huge amount on it. But, remember if your rug has no strong base it will not attract the people. 

A rug pad not only supports your floor but also reduces the hazards. It helps a lot in reducing slips and falls. Unquestionably a rug pad has many advantages. the first main advantage is to settle the rugs in place. The second advantage is that it helps in enhancing the life span of the rug. A rug with a rug pad usually has a long life. On the other hand, a rug without a rug pad worn outs soon.

3. Not looking at material 

If you are trying to avoid the worst situation, consider rug material. Probably this is one of the blunders that people make. Undoubtedly there is a wide variety of rug material. For instance, you can buy both natural and synthetic rugs. However, it mainly depends on your needs. Natural rug materials mainly include wool, silk and cotton. On the other hand, synthetic contemporary rugs are of nylon, silk or polyester. Anyhow choice is all yours. 

However, the wide availability of material is also a big deal. You have to think wisely. Moreover making a perfect choice is not easy. In the case of rug materials, people usually buy a rug without knowing the material. It’s a huge mistake. Undoubtedly they do not research properly. For buying the right rug material online, buyers need some professional consultation. Moreover, traffic, place, and other factors are also vital. 

All of these factors help in a better evaluation. In a nutshell, buy a rug online that suits your area. For instance, you cannot buy a wool rug for your kitchen. Seems awkward, yeah. Similarly, you cannot buy a jute rug for your bedroom. Because in kitchen rugs have to come across spills and stains. 

As compared to bedrooms, wool is a bad option for bathrooms. So, it’s a better idea to finalize a better material. Never buy a rug online in hassle. Else it will make you breathless every single day. So, take a breath, spend some time and buy the right rug. 


Remember, a wrong rug can affect the whole interior. Never underrate the process. For instance, if you buy a too-small rug for a too big room, you will get nothing. Never buy a rug that not truly match your room. Usually, a good and perfectly matched rug makes your place more comfortable. 

Well-matched rugs not only add a charismatic look but also make the space welcoming. Moreover, the right rug has many other advantages. such as it provides a comfortable walk. Last but not least an ideal rug is that one that you buy with perfection