Does your style suit your daily lifestyle?

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You have a vague idea of ​​your ideal style and the story you want to tell, but does this story really fit the way you live? Is your ideal style wearable on a daily basis or on the contrary totally removed from your current lifestyle?

I tend to believe that nothing is forbidden but you have to be realistic. I run after my children all day, I take public transport to go to work and I don’t go out very often at night … Sometimes have my eyes that shine in front of evening dresses or very formal outfits but I try to keep a cool head. I like the image that these outfits convey but they are far removed from my daily life which is more like “sneaker jeans”. So I try to take a step back and pay more attention to clothes that suit my lifestyle. I admit that it can be frustrating at times to just dream about beautiful pieces, but it avoids buying mistakes, regrets and the ugly feeling of guilt that follows.

So always try to give more importance to clothes that are suitable for your lifestyle. If you’re having a hard time defining your style, this is a really great way to get straight to the point. And you will always find solutions to boost your outfits if the need or the desire arises.

Create your basics kit.

In all cases, you must define the basis of your wardrobe, that is to say the clothes that you can not do without on a daily basis. This basic kit is the key to your dress style. The basics you wear should already give you an idea of ​​what style (s) of clothing you like. For me, Boho Cardigan are essential while some of my friends only wear skirts or dresses.

If you haven’t already, I advise you to sort your closet to help you see more clearly. Do not hesitate to write in black and white the list of clothes that you have worn the most recently and write why next to them. This allows you to highlight your favorite outfits and see what your current style is and why you like it so much, or not for that matter.

Buy the right clothes

You will have less difficulty defining your style if you buy the right clothes right from the start … That is to say those that correspond 100% to what you like to wear, which adapt to your lifestyle, to your style. story you want to tell. And yet, making shopping mistakes is also a good long-term way to know what you want or rather what you no longer want! So don’t feel guilty anymore if you regret buying that green dress that you never put on (you don’t like green and you never wear a dress… but it was pretty). One day you will become reasonable and be able to resist temptation. I hardly make buying mistakes anymore since investing in good basics and quality parts that I really love.

It took me a financial investment at the start, it’s true. But it turns out that I have considerably reduced my fashion purchases since gradually building up my ideal wardrobe. Sometimes I have real favorites but they are reasoned and reasonable and above all, my purchases represent real moments of joy and no longer “false pleasures” .

How to dress well at 40?

At 40 you dress as you want!

Seriously, there is no expiration date when it comes to style! Yes, but at 40, we no longer necessarily want to dress like at 20! Ah yes lifestyle… that’s something else ?. At 40, you start to know yourself well, you want to show off!

  • To stand out!
  • You want a feminine, classy and cool style… but assertive!
  • A style that speaks for you!
  • A current style but which is not on the decline!

A style that is neither “too much” nor “not enough” …

As we approach quarantine, we often come to ask ourselves questions and make clear observations: You want a style that is more in tune with yourself, a style that reveals to the world who you really are;

We want a more successful style for more self-confidence, to feel comfortable in all circumstances, whether at work, at home, in children’s activities, for an outing with girlfriends, for an evening with friends, for a wedding etc.

We would like a style that is Dolce vita shoes constant and therefore simple to implement; simple but current and classy; a style that does not require immeasurable effort or outrageous expense; a style that does not require getting ready for 2 hours each morning.

We are fed up with buying all the time and still having this feeling of never being full. We are interested in ethics, the planet, the consequences of indecent overconsumption advocated by social networks and we want to distance ourselves from all that.

Ask ourselves a whole bunch of questions: the leather mini-skirt can I still? And the destroyed denim shorts? Boyfriend jeans, is it possible? How do you stay feminine, sexy and up to date without appearing ridiculous either?