Know your Chain drives

Basics of Chain drive

Our general knowledge in the field of harnessing power or producing energy limits upto the usage of turbines and motors. Many of us don’t have the knowledge regarding the components used behind turbines and motors to work.

                                                Chain drives are nothing but continuous chain links, along with mesh with toothed sprockets. The 3 basic operations or functions that chain drive does are-

  1. Timing the operations
  2. Conveying materials
  3. Transmitting power

 Components of Chain drive

            The chain drives are used in a variety of applications that includes a huge combination of speeds and loads. There are few variables that define the chain-

  1. Pitch: The length from the centre of the one hole to another hole in the link plate.
  2. Pin diameter:          The pin diameter is the diameter of the pin connecting the plate from inside and outside to link the plate.
  3. Thickness of the link plates:        The general thickness of the plates is about 1/8th of the link pitch, whereas the thickness for a heavy link is the same as the thickness of the plates.
  4. Width:           The length between inner link plates is the width of the chain drive.

                                    To efficiently work with the chain drives, it is important for one to understand these variables and their function within the chain drive.

Instances of how chain drives are used

            The conveying materials function is well valued in industries. The chain drives are used to move, carry, push, pull, slide materials of various kinds. The chain drives directly moves the materials or the objects with the frame or meshes attached to the chain. In case of a conveyor belt, the chain drives are attached to a roller.

                        Synchronization of movements in any belt or pulley or any machine where the chain drive is attached can be done easily. The chain drives can also transmit power from various components within the machine to other components. The linked chains and sprockets used in power transmission are basically used to transfer speed and torque. The ability to transfer large amounts of torque in a compact space is the reason why chain drives and sprockets are used for power transmission.

Popularity of chain drives in industry

                                                There are other multiple reasons of why chain drives are so popular in the industry-

  1. Moving heavy objects and materials
  2. Hydraulic lift
  3. Altering gear ratios in order to get the accurate output speed
  4. Conveyor belt

 Advantages of chain drive 

            Every object has its pros and cons. Like any other mechanical material, chain drives have mechanical advantages-

  1. Angular velocity of the chain drives are always constant, unlike belt drives
  2. High efficiency, more power compared to belt drives
  3. Can easily operate in wet conditions
  4. Easy installation and can be used in compact spaces
  5. Has lower load shaft
  6. With no slip or creep
  7. Low maintenance
  8. Can be used for both small and large center distances

To benefit from the chain drives, lubricate the chain drives  often, be it in your motorcycle, conveyor belt, hydraulic lift truck, used as a belt for power transmission. You can always look up online to buy the chain drive for your vehicles as well.