Treatment of breast cancer at each stage

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The extent to which your breast cancer will be found to have developed will be an essential factor in the decision you will make about which type of treatment option to go for. Therefore, the more the disease will be found to have spread, the more treatment to remove the tumor in the body.

Other factors may also be used to determine the treatment method: the overall health of a person, their personal preference, if a person is going through menopause if the cancer cells contain hormone receptors, and how fast the cancer is developing. Breast cancer treatment Newport Beach advises that you consult a specialist before seeking any treatment option. Here are the various stages of breast cancer. 

Stage 0

At this stage, the cancer is still limited to the milk duct regions and is non-invasive. Treatment at this stage for a patient is carried out differently to invasive breast cancer.

Stage one to three

When a person has stage one to three cancer, they may require radiation therapy and surgical procedure. They may also need to undergo chemo or get other drug therapies before or after the surgery to their breast.

Stage I: At this stage, cancer cells are still small and have not yet reached the lymph nodes or have touched a small part of the lymph node.

Stage II: At this stage, the cancer cells have developed in size than in stage I spread to lymph nodes area.

Stage III: The tumors at this stage are growing and into the nearby tissues such as the muscle underneath or the breast skin or spread into a wide area of the lymph nodes.

Stage IV: Cancer is spreading from the breast area and nearby lymph nodes to other body parts. This stage of treatment is usually systemic drug therapy.

Finally, when cancer recurs after undergoing the primary treatment, the treatment procedure will be carried out in the areas that the cancer is recurring.