Different types of sandals to wear for the getaway

Holidays are needed by everyone, students, workers, employees, employers, everyone mainly because every one of us gets tired of the daily work routine and need an escape from the daily life and go somewhere where we can refresh, re-energize, clear our mind and body and then come back to the hustling life that we know of.

Getting away on a Holiday or Holidays have numerous benefits and most of the Employers suggest their Employees take some time off because Employees can not work with motivation and with high productivity if He or She is bored with their job, so, therefore, the Employer then insists the Employee take some time out time and come back to the job afterward.

There are numerous other benefits as well such as-

  1.  Reducing Stress.
  2.  Stabilizing Emotional Instability.
  3.  Increasing your Confidence.
  4.  Strengthens Relationships.

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And well along with these, you might get inspired in different ways which in return affects your daily life and your work. A very positive, moving factor and a great benefit in Getting away on your Holiday(s)

While preparing for your holidays or getaway, you will usually have come across the decision of what pair of shoes or sandals to take away with you, and yeah, trust me, it’s a big decision. While you may have problems getting that decision done, we are here to guide you in the right direction and make your decision by introducing some of the variety that Women Sandals bear today. If you know the type you want to get, then you’ve already made 80 percent of the decision.

So, without further ado, let’s get started-

1.The Gladiators-

Gladiators Women Sandals are something that women
They are popular among College Goers because of them being really stylish and comfortable. The design and theme of the Sandals have been taken from the Shoes worn by the Ancient and mighty Gladiators, hence the name, “Gladiators”.

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2.The Jelly Sandals-

That’s right, these sandals have a jellyfish-like characteristic and that is being Transparent.

These types of sandals have taken inspiration from the 90s and are usually made up of transparent molded plastic. These sandals were in no longer demand and had gone extinct but somehow after 3 decades, these sandals are back in demand.

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These sandals are made up of Plastic and might leave blisters if the right pair isn’t found. These sandals are an amazing choice for summer and especially if you are going to be spending more time in the water since they are made up of Plastic, they become Water Resistant.

3.The Thong Sandals-

There was a time when these sandals were having an all-time high demand. Every lady, every woman, every teenager had these worn because of their versatility, ease and comfort, and style.

These sandals are so simple and yet a lot sexy. Thong sandals, which are also known as Non Fashion Sandals consist of a thin strap that passes between the first and the second toe.

4.The Saltwater Sandals-

Saltwater sandals are a must-have for summer as they are suitable to wear in the water, anywhere, and they are completely washable too so that’s a plus.

They come in different colors and of course the sizes. The best part about these sandals is that they come in a variety and their reason of being water resistant as well as being able to get washed is why these sandals are being loved by everyone.

They are not necessarily meant to be worn only when you are going to the pool or the beach or to somewhere where there’s water, these sandals are excellently looking for normal day-to-day use as well.

5.The Boho Sandals-

The Boho Sandals got their texture and design from the Mediterranean and the young women are completely obsessed with these sandals and well why shouldn’t they.
These sandals are special and unique when it comes to their design and build. These sandals are inspired by the hippies and are the perfect go-to wear for daily use, whether you’re heading for a fun night out or college or anywhere casual, these sandals will make you look gorgeous and amazing.

6.The Mule Flats-

If having exposed feet is something that you don’t like or prefer then the Mule flats should be the one for you.

The Mule flats are also one of the most versatile sandals found today as they can be worn with any dress and anything. If you have a casual dress on and are going out for casual outings, these flats/sandals will not disappoint you and then vice versa is also true if you are going to a formal meeting with a formal dress, these flats or sandals will again not disappoint you and make you look elegant that you already are.

7.The Strappy Sandals-

The Strappy sandals have been the most elegant and the most in-demand sandals today, Primarily because of their look.

The best thing about these sandals is that they are minimal and yet they look elegant. They are comfortable and are best to wear on a night out, either for casual purposes or for formal purposes.

8.The Hiking Sandals-

Although the name suggests that these sandals are made for hiking and they are, one shouldn’t wear these for hiking, safety purposes.
Instead, these sandals are greatly used for walking. Something made for a hike would essentially have comfort and the grip of the foot as well, so instead of wearing them for a hike, people use these sandals to walk.
These are again minimal, there are no such designs or the fashion element to them and yet they look amazing.
These sandals can’t be worn with formal dresses but they are extremely good-looking normal casual dresses or to wear with something that you would wear before going for a walk.

9.The Platform Sandals-

The Platform sandals are designed for one purpose only and with some additional purposes as well which are the bases for every sandal.

The one purpose is to provide an extra height and to make oneself look taller.

These sandals are designed having this purpose in the mind while keeping this purpose, these shoes are extremely fashionable as well as comfortable.
If having an extra bit of height or looking taller isn’t something you are looking for and you only need to wear something that has nice fashion then these sandals should not be overlooked.


Women’s Sandals have always been in great demand and they will be but as times change people and everything else, it also changes the fashion tastes.
Sandals are something that is greatly loved by women because they make them look elegant, beautiful, and sharp. They have a love relationship with shoes just like everyone else. While there have been a lot of sandals types today such as flat sandals, women’s sandals, slide sandals, strappy sandals we put together some types of sandals that we know would look great on you and everyone else. It was therefore necessary to guide you through some of the best types of women sandals found today.