Top Recommended Property management system in 2021

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The capabilities of the property management system have been expanded and they include all areas of hotel operations while performing the functions like reservations, inventory, housekeeping and assigning guests to rooms and many more. It is important for any accommodation business to recognize the need to work efficiently for a perfect flow of all the operations. Now it is so much easier for the hoteliers to integrate with the third-party technologies,  point-of-sale systems, channel managers and accounting systems. After optimising a complete solution provider system hoteliers are able to connect easily with more number of online travel agents across the globe.

Top Property management system

RMS Cloud: 

It is also a cost-effective property management software which is completely cloud based. It helps in improving the business decisions. Multiple properties can be manage seamlessly with the help of this single software. It has a very fine and tuned workflow of reservation. which makes the booking easy for the client as well as the manager.

Frontdesk Anywhere PMS:

The software also allows you to automate guest allocation. It works by browsing through room availability and cleanliness. With booking management, you can manage the daily affairs of your hotel easily even with minimal staff. This booking management system helps you in contouring the front office tasks. Along with this, you can keep the track of the real-time status of hotel rooms.

Cloudbeds :

Cloudbeds offers several benefits like ease of use, stable functionalities, and great integration. This software is capable of handling the hotel tasks practically. Whether it is a check-in of guests or the post check out, from the front desk function to handle the back office, any employee or staff can operate Cloudbeds interface easily with only a little training.  After utilizing the Cloudbeds you do not have to alter any process of the hotel’s operation for an increase in revenue because the platform improves its efficiency and offers you a contoured distribution without the need to do so.


It is a property management solution that simply centralizes all the properties into one easy to use dashboard. And the communication with guests is do through automation. This software is trust by the managers and owners of approx 220,000+ properties in more than 140 countries. Some smart features of smartbnb are:

  • contract manegement
  • multi-Property
  • Online Booking
  • Reservations Management
  • Single Property


This property management solution is for contouring each and every critical process of the hotel, allowing for the smooth from the desk, housekeeping operations and POS. Hotelogix allows users to perform several tasks simultaneously. The software offers advanced technology at very affordable price and helps in the growth of business faster in terms of both operation and revenue aspects.

MSI CloudPM:

This software allows users to eliminate capital expenditures for property technology. Since it is a browser-based system, so users can get connect to the system anywhere. The platform offers an easy to use, intuitive navigation bar which quickly moves through the screen. Users get the benefit from a painless implementation of the system through its ease of use and remote instructor-led training.

Stayflexi :

Stayflexi provides the users with a fully automated hospitality platform. This software has a unified solution for all of your property needs.

A few of the common features of stayflexi are:

  • GDS/OTA Integration
  • Maintenance Management
  • Multi-Property
  • Online Booking
  • Point of Sale (POS)

The unique offerings from the software include end to end automations and flexible bookings.You can easily find self-service options like touchless POS, self-check-in/check-out, auto inventory management, auto room allocations and many more. Read more about blue world city.