How to avoid purchasing fake diamond jewelleries online

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Shopping from home has become a trend as everyone wants one-click solutions these days. After long and hectic days, no one wants to step out again to buy things physically and so e-commerce is a growing business. The same rule has recently started applying to jewellery as well. People often buy it online these days and are pretty happy with the home delivery service being provided. But this privilege comes with its own risks. How can you be sure that the jewellery you buy is genuine and pure? This question especially arises when it comes to diamond jewellery as cheaper duplicate re available very easily and are almost indistinguishable. So if you want to be sure that you are not being fooled but sparkly pictures and fraudulent websites, here are a few tips to help you avoid purchasing fake diamond jewelleries online.

  • Buy from a trusted jeweller

There are literally thousands of websites who are selling jewellery on the internet today. Make sure you only opt for a trusted one. Do not buy through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Also avoid individual sellers. Go for big brands and names that you are familiar with. It is preferable to choose the brands that you know have large physical outlets around you.

  • Check the hallmark

Stamps and hallmark are a certificate of purity. Make sure you check the hallmark while buying. If the site is genuine and the jewellery is pure, then the specification will definitely include the hallmark. Some sites display pictures of the certification and hallmark along with the display images of the jewellery.

  • Check the return policy

Genuine brands always offer a return or exchange policy. Make sure to read it well. You should know what to do in case you do not like the product or fitting is an issue in case of rings. Also, if the site has no mention of a return policy, then the jewellery being sold is most likely fake. One-time sale with no return or exchange should arouse suspicion as real diamond jewellers do not do it that way.

  • If it looks expensive but isn’t, then its fake

If the pictures uploaded are really fancy and look expensive but the price seems oddly cheap, then it is likely to be a fake diamond jewellery. Many fraud sites put up pictures of real diamond jewellery, especially Lab grown diamond engagement rings, but sell its cheaper duplicates. Since people order looking at images, they get fooled easily. The best way to avoid is to trust your gut feeling. The image shown and the price given needs to match in a sensible manner. Have an idea of the current market prices of diamond jewellery before you begin browsing through sites for an online purchase.

  • Read specifications

There is nothing to not like about a diamond. You look at the sparkly stone and you tend to be mesmerised almost naturally. Do not get distracted by the images. Make sure you read all the product specifications. Get all your doubts cleared about the shape, size, cut, carat, clarity, etc. about the diamond jewellery. Images can be misleading so it is best to get all the facts cleared then and there.

Better safe than sorry. Diamond jewellery costs a bomb, so make sure you check every aspect and are absolutely certain of the purity before you decide to splurge on the same. Read up about Lab grown diamonds UK to understand more regarding fake and genuine diamond jewellery. Happy shopping, everyone!