2021 Volkswagen ID.4 – The Most Practical Alternative to Fuel-Powered SUVs

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In the world, more people are seeking alternatives to fuel-powered SUVs; and the most practical name that comes up in this scenario is the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4; which is an electric SUV. It is a spacious and most practical alternative to gas-powered SUVs in the modern era. You can book this vehicle from Volkswagen dealership San Bernardino but take a look at this vehicle to know not just the specs but also understand its practicality in modern times.

ID.4 powertrain

One of the most practical aspects of ID.4 is its powertrain which is the best alternative to fuel-powered SUVs. It is currently available in an RWD drivetrain and equipped with a single motor that has 201-hp; however, the dual-motor option with the AWD drivetrain will offer 302 horsepower and the towing capacity of this vehicle is 2700 lbs. Also, its regenerative braking aids in recapturing energy when an individual slows a vehicle.

It takes 7.6 seconds to reach 60 mph and offers a comfortable ride like every other VW vehicle. Quite a cabin and ideal ride quality are what make this EV ahead of its competitors. However, the practical aspect is that most people are switching to the electric option to avoid using gas vehicles to be environment friendly and from that aspect; there is none better than this automobile. S

Its electric powertrain is the most practical one available in the market in the SUV category and since SUV is the most sold vehicle worldwide, this alternative to fuel-powered SUVs is your best choice.

Also, this EV can offer 250 miles in between charges, which is similar to its rivals in this category. Either 240-volt or 110-volt outlets can be used for charging this vehicle or one can also pick DC fast charge option. If you want to know about the mileage of this vehicle depending on its trims, go to San Bernardino Volkswagen dealership to get all details.

Spacious and adequately designed cabin

Though the interior design isn’t much flashy but looks futuristic and clean. Comfortable seats, ample space for passengers, upholstery created with faux leather; etc. are some of the aspects that give the interior an interesting outlook. Certain optional amenities include massage function for front seats, memory function, power-adjustable, etc.

Also, ambient lighting and high-tech features ensure that it is loaded with amenities; that would make it the perfect SUV to drive. Moreover, ample cargo space available is what makes this car the most practical alternative to fuel-powered SUVs.

Also, the large infotainment screen on the dashboard along with wireless smartphone integration and more makes it one of the best EVs in the market.

The Pro trim costs $41,200 while the other two versions include 1st edition costing $45200 and Pro S will cost $45,700. First edition or Pro S should be your choice if you are going to buy this EV.

So, as you can see that there is no better or more practical alternative to gas-powered SUVs than the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 and it is the car that you should definitely own.