How to Decide Which Flower to Give on Anniversary Day?

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A wedding anniversary day in any person’s life has the most beautiful and unique place. It is the most memorable occasion when you tie the knot with your soulmate. You wish to celebrate your day with utmost love and to pamper your partner. Choosing a gift for that day is pretty simple as you are well aware of your lover’s likes and dislikes but selecting a cake or flower is not easy. You want to send cakes and flowers delivery to your partner making them feel peculiar in your life. What combination should it be or how to choose the right pair according to your anniversary gets you in a dilemma.

It is not just with you, but many people struggle to find the right set of anniversary flowers and cakes. Well, even cakes can be bought according to your partner’s taste, but flowers should be unique and depicting the values and love you have for them. It should be a special bunch for a special occasion that makes your partner feel the most blessed person having you by their side. Obviously, everyone wants to feel special and wants to have their partner’s undivided attention, and this is when you can express your feelings and emotions.

So, let’s discuss how you can choose an anniversary flower or a bouquet for your partner whom you love a lot.

You Should Consider Milestone

When you are on a quest for some beautiful bunches that can make your loved one’s day special, you need to see which anniversary is yours. Have you crossed a milestone, or about to cross one. Every milestone has a different set of bouquets that you can offer to your partner. So, let’s see which flower goes with which milestone.

  • 1st Anniversary: Carnations that symbolise affection and strength.
  • 2nd Anniversary: Chrysanthemum that symbolises luck and royalty.
  • 3rd Anniversary: Sunflowers symbolises trust and passion.
  • 5th Anniversary: Daisies for hope and fidelity.
  • 10th Anniversary: Daffodils for reincarnation and new beginnings
  • 15th Anniversary: Roses for love, romance and passion.
  • 20th Anniversary: Asters for wisdom and appreciation.
  • 25th Anniversary: Iris for faith and hope.
  • 30th Anniversary: Lilies for commitment and loyalty.
  • 50th Anniversary: Violets and yellow roses for happiness and longevity.

You can choose your flower according to the milestone you have achieved this year.

Flowers That Goes with Partner’s Name

Many flowers have similar names to humans. So the ideal way to send love and make your partner feel special is to give them a bunch of flowers that go well with their name. If your favourite person shares a name with a flower, for example…

  • Roses for your Rose
  • Lilies for your pretty Lily
  • Iris for Iris
  • Ivy bunch for Ivy Love
  • Daisies for your Daisy
  • Jasmine for your Queen
  • Heather
  • Aster
  • Violet

And many such flowers that are similar to human’s names would be loved by them. It is like an incredible feeling to share.

Pick Flowers That Bring Back Reminiscence

Pick those flowers that symbolise a memory. Like if you gifted peonies on a first date or wedding flowers that remind you of a wedding or carnations on some important occasion, they would love to cherish it. It is good to give your partner a pinch of memory back so that it makes the new memories more special and loveable.

Select A Flower Bouquet in Their Favourite Colour

Flowers come in a variety of colours that you can choose from. Some like violet, purple colour so some like white and sky blue colour but there are many choices that people have. You can select Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Off-White, Violet, Purple, White and many such colour combinations for your love. If they are fond of Rainbow, then a Rainbow combination of flowers would work well with them. 

We hope now you know how to choose an anniversary flower bouquet for your lover and make them feel special with your kind gesture.

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