How Can You Automate Email Marketing With The Help Of Lead Lists?

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Email marketing has been a go-to digital marketing tool for companies with low budgets or small businesses that want to reach a small audience. However, over time just like many other marketing functions, email marketing has also taken a turn towards automation, and you can now automate your email marketing campaigns. Now, you will need a targeted email lead list to automate your email campaigns, and companies such as List Giant make it easier to get targeted and up-to-date email lists. Once you get your hands on high-quality and targeted email lists, you are already on the right track towards effective email campaign automation. If you are wondering how exactly you can automate your email marketing campaigns, you are at the right place. This article explains the email marketing campaign automation process in detail, so read on.

How to use a targeted email marketing list effectively to automate the email marketing process?

You can’t simply create email content and start sending it to random people in hopes of striking gold. Suppose you want to automate your email marketing campaigns. In that case, you need a targeted email marketing list containing the email addresses of individuals interested in products or services similar to the ones you are offering. Once you are sure that the email marketing list you have acquired is targeted and doesn’t contain irrelevant data, you can use the following techniques to automate the email marketing campaign:

Segment your email list: As mentioned above, having a targeted email list is essential to the email marketing automation puzzle. However, not every address in your email list will have the same preference or purchasing habits. That is why it is crucial to segment your email lists based on different criteria to facilitate automated email marketing campaigns.

Segmentation can be done based on several criteria, including the location, purchasing history, age, gender, or even their marital status depending upon the type of business you run. Luckily, reputed email list suppliers provide basic information about each email address when they sell you their email list products, making segmentation easier. Not to mention you can use email marketing platforms to help you in segmenting your email list. Once you have segmented your email list; you can use the segmentation criteria to send automated emails to those individuals who are going to be interested in them.

Choosing email marketing automation software

Email automation requires specialized software that uses the targeted and segmented email lists you get from lead list services providers or generates yourself to automate the email sending process. When you are choosing an email marketing automation software, make sure it is:

  • Easy to understand and use
  • Allows for integration of other platforms such as your website or social media
  • Provides enriched data about the campaigns
  • Optimizes emails for different platforms

Make sure you are creating personalized email content

Even the most expensive email automation tools won’t offer much help to your campaigns if your email content is not personalized. Segmentation of email lists is primarily done to ensure each individual can be engaged using the type of content that piques their interest. So once you have segmented your email list and selected a good email automation tool; it is time to start working on personalized email content. When creating customized emails for different segments; stop and think about what type of content and products would individuals of that segment be interested in. Once you have created personalized messages in your email list; you can use the email campaign automation tools to make sure each segment will receive custom-tailored content for their needs.

Once you are sure that you have taken care of all these critical aspects of email marketing automation, you should still put your targeted email database to test with the help of split testing. Most automated email marketing platforms offer the option to perform testing before you go ahead and start running your automated email campaigns.