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Capital Smart City Overview

Capital Smart City is a massive, cutting-edge residential development in Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s debut Smart City and Asia’s fourth. Because of its innovative features, it has quickly become one of Pakistan’s most preferred residential units. On the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2, it is near the new Islamabad International Airport.

CSCI’s Owners and Developers:

Future Holdings Developments and Habib Rafiq have come together up to create Capital Smart City Islamabad (Pvt). Habib Rafiq (Pvt) is a very well brand in Pakistan’s property market; they are the builders of Islamabad’s Bahria, Park view city and DHA neighborhoods. They’ve also built their residential societies in Sargodha, Multan, and Sahiwal, dubbed Royal Orchard Multan, Royal Orchard Sarghodha, and Royal Orchard Sahiwal, correspondingly.

Capital Smart City Location:

The Capital Smart City Islamabad (CSCI) is situated just next to the Islamabad International Airport in the Rawalpindi Region of Islamabad.

The project is situated on the northern path of CPEC, 9.2 kilometers from M-2 Toll Plaza opposite Thalian junction on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. The new Islamabad airport is around 5-6 minutes away.  The Al Mairaj housing plan, Eighteen Islamabad, Lahore Smart City, and Blue World City are just a few nearby housing societies.

Total Area of the CSCI:

Capital Smart Society is ten times larger than its neighboring society University Town, with a total land area of 55,000 Kanal. It will become one of the housing societies that are closest to the future Islamabad International Airport. Currently, society’s master plan is preliminary, and they will expand it over time. They will contribute another land to the development as well as numerous additional blocks in the coming.

Authorities submitted a request for land extension in August 2019. After they approved the wing in June, the land area of Capital Smart City in 2020 will be equal to 80,000 Kanal. It will be the most significant housing society in the immediate vicinity.

Points of Entry:

It is easily accessible from the M-2 Motorway via Main Chakri Road and, shortly, via the ring road. The national highway, the Lahore-Islamabad M-2 Motorway, attaches the venture to the nearby districts. It will also have its very own dedicated interchange from the route, which has received FWO approval.

NOC and Permission to Build:

The RDA accepted the NOC of Capital Smart City Islamabad, one of the vicinity’s permissible housing developments. However, due to the extra land acquired, the society’s first NOC is currently being revised. The community is pending its NOC for the latest update for the society’s extended blocks. It is anticipated that they will give it soon.

Main Features of Capital Smart City:

This society provides its residents with a one-of-a-kind and cutting-edge living experience, complete with state-of-the-art amenities. This housing scheme will become Pakistan’s first Smart City by incorporating sophisticated technology and incorporating additional advantages. The following are some of society’s most notable characteristics:

  • Eco-Friendly City
  • Advanced Protection
  • The environment that is clean and green
  • Metro bus system
  • Electricity from Below
  • Water, gas, and electricity are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Savvy apps, i.e., traffic, weather, electricity, internet
  • Hotels, Shopping centers, and Sports clubs
  • Smart and modern Housing plan
  • The infrastructure of the highest level
  • Overseas stifle
  • Mosques, parks, and lakes are all popular tourist destinations.
  • Recreational pursuits
  • Golf Course with 18 Holes
  • Moven Pick hotels & Resorts
  • M-2 has a designated interchange.
  • Islamabad and Rawalpindi are both close by.

Facilities in the Smart City of the Capital:

The smart city in the capital is working to promote and foster strategic development in the region and attract future investments. The objective of a Smart City is to develop a smart radial increasing trend that considers all of the primary infrastructure and services that are included to maximize productivity in people’s lives. The following summarizes the important key factors introduced into society, along with their characteristics as described by the Capital Smart City.

The Building Blocks of a Smart City:

These components make up a Smart City, which helps to build a modern community.


A Smart City aspires to give one-of-a-kind, long-term development, and services to its community. Islamabad’s Capital Smart City put up to the criteria for a enthralling smart city, including the following:


By becoming the region’s first commercial center and encouraging foreign corporations and investors to engage in the spectacular housing project, the society will benefit its people. In addition, capital Smart City also will contribute to Pakistan’s economic situation by creating several different and service industry job opportunities.


The society is built to produce a durable social situation in the country, allowing people to live in a beautiful and serene setting while also allowing the community to grow as a business, residential, and recreational center.


Capital Smart City is working to develop a sustainable transport system that will connect motorists, walkers, cyclists, and other people who require mobility. As a result, society will implement cutting-edge transportation infrastructure that is more efficient.


With new landmarks being built-in society and unique cultural and religious centers, Capital Smart City would become a trademark of originality and heritage for both foreign and local visitors.

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