Why do spouse visas get rejected?

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There could be many cases where due to some reasons the spouse visa can be rejected by the Home Office. The visa rejection could be wounding for the spouses or partners.

 Thee following are the reasons that could lead you to a visa rejection


  • Inability to prove the minimum financial requirements 
  • Failing the genuineness test for relationship
  • Submission of incorrect documents
  • Incomplete form and visa category
  • Not able to prove  English language proficiency requirement 

Let us take a look at each of them in detai

Financial requirements

You must have a combined income of at least £18,600 per year with your partner.

You must evidence that you have extra finances if you have children who:

  • do not have pre-settled status
  • are not British or Irish citizens
  • are not permanently settled in the UK

If you have one or more than one child, you must prove a certain minimum amount to fulfil financial obligations else your visa can be rejected.

  • A minimum of £3,800 for your first child
  • A minimum of £2,400 for each child after your first child


Genuineness test for relationship

If you are trying to get a spouse visa or applying for a spouse visa extension, the most common reason for visa rejection is insufficient proof of your relationship.

You must evidence to the Home Office that the relationship is genuine and prevail.

You can show mortgage or tenancy documents, details of joint account, or child’s birth certificate to prove that you are living together with your partner and have children. 

Incorrect Documentation

Often it appears frivolous but the Home Office is very strict and rigorous, the smallest of errors and mistakes can become the reason for your spouse visa rejection.

Not adhering to the visa guidelines and submitting wrong documents can be devastating. 

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Incomplete form and visa category

As shared the Home Office can be unforgiving when it comes to checking the visa application. 

At times, due to insufficient knowledge the visa applicants miss out crucial information and fill incorrect visa categories. For example, choosing a visit visa for a spouse visa could be completely devastating when the visa gets rejected.

English Language proficiency requirements

One must prove English proficiency of B1 level in both spoken and listening as per Common European Framework of Reference. In case you have a bachelor’s degree from any university in the UK or equivalent then you don’t need an English language test.