NetBase Quid Social Media Audit: The Key to Consumer and Market Intelligence

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To get a glimpse of the impact that an effective business intelligence platform can have on your business, just take a look at Amazon. They’re famous for the research tools they’ve developed over the past ten years. In fact, most of the stats and information you see on their front page are sourced from NetBase Quid.

Social Media Audit

After reviewing 50,000 social media accounts to find top influencers and trends, NetBase Quid can estimate their influence for a brand. If there are influencers across all social media accounts, it may be the start of a dialogue between the influencer and brand. NetBase Quid can also capture sentiment on social media conversations about products or brands by mining mentions and tags within social media platforms. The platform then identifies the relevant keywords, phrases and even characters in a tweet to provide valuable information about how consumers are engaging with brands.

Consumer surveys

You can establish your online community by reaching out to influencers and companies to generate consumer attention and engagement. An analytics platform allows you to mine and analyze this data in a way never before possible.

Audit your product and brand

You can leverage NetBase Quid to identify and understand customer’s buying journey and identify areas of improvement. This will enable your brand to provide best possible service, to offer compelling benefits, and in turn increase customer satisfaction.

Follow the influencers

Identify the right influencers to connect with and learn more about their content preferences. This will enable you to identify other influencers, and strategically promote your brand to them.

Find your competitive market

Keep track of your competitors by utilizing the Net powered by NetBase Quid allows marketers to see how and where consumers engage with brands in real-time. Businesses also have a greater ability to identify and influence conversations and generate real-time consumer insights.

The NetBase Quid platform allows marketers to understand their customer and then market to them with a unique focus, clearly defining how the brand fits in the digital ecosystem.

The firm’s social media audit helps businesses organize and analyze their social media data to deliver insightful, targeted social listening insights. With NetBase Quid, you will get to understand your competitors’ social media strategy, monitor brand sentiment to keep up with the competition, and achieve business insight from social media monitoring. Let NetBase Quid Social Media Audit benefit you from the following:

  • First-of-its-kind personas with granular account mapping and rich persona insights
  • Seamless integration with consumer, industry and competitor data
  • Frictionless monthly pricing for limited users
  • High performance analytics; graphing, trend analysis, visualization and visual reporting
  • Real-time compliance; social media monitoring, anti-spam and content rules management
  • Faster data access with powerful search and reporting

Unlike some services, NetBase Quid is built by the company and available to commercial use, so you can copy, modify and reuse NetBase Quid for your own business.

The NetBase Quid Social Media Audit harnesses an audience segmentation system to assess a website’s public audience and what’s going on in the industry that’s influencing consumers. When surveying social media, NetBase Quid takes note of whether any brands or industry influencers have mentioned a specific brand and domain. This helps brands identify keywords and phrases relevant to their business goals and gain an understanding of whether they need to be investing more in social media or influencers.

Insights by industry

NetBase Quid provides a hyper-contextual understanding of audiences by industry by analyzing a website’s content, tone, social chatter and presence, bringing consumers closer to a brand and its product offerings.

NetBase Quid is the key to consumer and market intelligence, and most of their customers are leaders in their industries. These leaders need to understand the stories behind their competition, learn why customers are choosing competitors, and identify the points of leverage they have within their industries. But NetBase Quid is far more than just a marketing tool; it can help you lead a company from the top down.