Ideas to Decorate and Design Basement Apartment

Basements are areas that require more attention than the other rooms. It offers an additional living section for various purposes and activities. Here can accommodate a range of fun and essential content, media rooms, and an extra living room, wine cellar, gym, and office, to the playroom, guest rooms, and you can use it as a basement apartment for a side business. Basement apartments are usually the cheapest apartments for a reason, and they are not very fun to be.

If you have the luck to have a house with a basement, you have a new life opportunity. After decorating your basement, you get a whole new room, which can have various purposes, and one of them is for business. But it would be a challenge to decorate and design your basement to be a livable apartment. 

A basement ceiling is usually low, it has little to no natural light, and some do not even have a window. If you have a basement with a secure natural light, you can use it to your advantage to design it. If you decorate your basement according to the latest trends, your basement can have a good value for renting.

If you are a renter, then this article is also for you. Below we will talk about tips and ideas for decorating and designing your basement apartment, turning it into a new and good place to live.

So, what can you do to decorate and design your basement apartment?

First, if you have small tall windows, design them to make them appear larger. You can consider making a fake window with a delightful view and lighting as part of the design (window frame, poster, or print and led lighting hung on the wall like a picture). You can also put affordable bespoke blinds to make the fake windows more real.

Second, in your windows, fake or real, you must put on roman blinds. It will make your apartment elegant looking, and roman blinds are good at reflecting light in your room. So, you must choose your roman blinds carefully and make sure that it is light-colored to match your target design in your basement apartment. Roman blinds add to the style and beauty of the entire room.

The best choice is for your basement window is roman blinds because simply putting a curtain will not do at all. You can search on the internet about popular roman blinds, or you can find affordable roman blinds in stores.

Third, do something about the lighting of your basement apartment. An excellent technique is to paint it a bright, light color like white or pastel colors and match it with your roman blinds. This move will make your room look spacey and brighter. You need to make sure there is plenty of lighting in the room, so you must install full-spectrum bulbs.

Fourth, the best tip is to use mirrors and other reflective surfaces to make the light from your bulb bounced around. Mirrors can be your best friends. There are mirrors with four panes that look like windows, and they can also be the best material for your fake window. Putting mirrors open up space and make your room larger.

Next, take note you should place your lamps with up lighting in all the corners. Use light colors, metallics, or reflective surfaces to counter the stereotypes that basements are dark and dank. This way, you will give your apartment positive vibes.

Another thing, you need to use the space in your basement. Do not over-design it by putting on many things. Minimalist design and space-saving furniture are best in this type of apartment. You may try using under-bed storage and other ways to avoid clutter.

Last, remember that you may need a dehumidifier since this is a basement. There are simple HVAC improvements, especially for normalized de-humidification. Technology allows for interior, innovative, cost-effective water control as to leaking. And a small electric fireplace would be an excellent choice too if the room lacks heat.

That’s it! Decorating and designing your basement apartment can be stressful and understandably so. But the styling aspect will provide some much-needed fun and benefit you as the house owner or the renter to give your room a homey and comfy look.