Do I need a moving company?

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The moving behavior of people is individual, and not everyone had to access a moving company in Athens.

There are different types of moves that approach the move in different ways. There is the relaxed type of relocation, who approach the change of residence calmly and take a lot of time for the move. On the other hand, the planned person is the one who has to write everything down in detail in order to be able to carry out the move as quickly as possible.

The two-household move

Do I need a moving company

Often two households become one, because you live in a relationship and think it makes more sense to share an apartment with your partner. Mostly these are young people with a small relocation budget.

With such household types, belongings are easy to understand and have little furniture. If two apartments become one, it will save you a lot of money as you will avoid double payments such as rent. However, you do not only have advantages when it comes to renting payments. In order for the move to be cost-effective and quick, it would be clever to procure enough private moving helpers and an inexpensive transporter.

Just the euphoria about moving together with your partner gives you the necessary energy boost to carry out the move on your own.

Tip: If possible, do the move privately and do without a moving company.

Flat share move

Do I need a moving company

Both students and career types do not have to hire a company to move into a shared apartment.

A transporter should be enough for the few moving goods. A move to a shared flat is quick, so that you can do it yourself.

Tip: Calculate your moving volume so that your van is neither too big nor too small. If there are only a few boxes, a car is usually sufficient.

Family move

Do I need a moving company
Do I need a moving company

A multi-family household of a large family needs more planning and organization.

The household effects of a family with several people usually reach a volume that a moving company can hardly do without in most cases of a family move. With a well-thought-out move planning, the move is quick and stress-free.

Tip: Even with a moving company, you can cut your costs. Assemble and dismantle the furniture yourself and pack the boxes yourself. Do other assembly work such as dismantling and assembling the kitchen.

Full-service move

Do I need a moving company

You don’t want to worry about moving house and don’t want to upset your daily routine?

With a carefree moving service, you can save yourself time and effort and leave all moving activities to professional moving companies. With this service you will not lack anything in terms of comfort, so that you will hardly notice the change of residence.

Tip: Compare some offers and negotiate with the moving companies. Even with a full-service move, you have a wide range of negotiation options.

How heavy can a moving box be?

Do I need a moving company

When packing cardboard boxes, you should keep in mind that they can also be transported afterward. They should not be heavier than 20 kg, as they have to be carried by the moving company’s employees.

Good moving boxes can carry a load of up to 40 kilograms, but such a weight is counterproductive for a moving helper. Pack cleverly and make sure that there are not too many heavy objects or moving goods in one box. It is better to divide the weight into several boxes and mix them with light objects.

How long does a moving company take to move?

Do I need a moving company

The duration of the move depends on how much removal goods you have, how far it is to travel to the new apartment, how long it is, which floor your apartments are on, and how many removal workers are moving.

Depending on how fast the movers are and how big the moving volume is, each move takes more or less time. It is important to know what your needs are and then find the right company like Shiply.

3-4 employees take care of loading and unloading the removal goods, for example, for 25 cubic meters of living space. Together you need about 5 hours. 50 m³ of moving goods are carried out by around 5-6 movers, who in turn need around 7 hours.

Does a moving company make sense?

Do I need a moving company
  • For larger families
  • People who are unable to work and who are employed full-time
  • When your belongings are of great value
  • If you don’t want to do without comfort
  • Lack of time and physically handicapped people
  • Elderly people