HP Printer Driver is Unavailable on Windows 10

The HP printers have been the most amazing in the field of printing and anything that they have been designed to do. They have been delivering the most impressive printouts as compared to any other. How to connect hp laserjet cp1025nw wireless, However, a printer is completely inefficient without the support of a printer driver whose absence creates the ‘HP printer driver is unavailable’ issue that gets in the way of the entire working process. None of the printers including HP would work or take commands if the ‘printer driver is unavailable’ in the same.

In case your printer is displaying, the ‘HP printer driver is unavailable on Windows 10’ notification, it is either because of the unavailability or absence of the printer driver or it could even arise if the printer drivers that are installed are outdated. In order to get your HP printer to consider and process all the print commands that you give, you must ensure a compatible and suitable printer driver to be installed in the same. The ‘printer driver is unavailable’ issue could arise due to a few reasons which include the absence of a driver or the existence of one that is not compatible and suitable for your printer specifically. You cannot expect your printer to work in case the ‘HP printer driver is unavailable, so try and fix it by installing compatible printer drivers and updating the existing ones.

Moving forward in case your screen displays the ‘HP printer driver is unavailable on windows 10’ issue, you may start by uninstalling the existing printer drivers, so as to move forward and install the updated versions. So the steps and process for the uninstalling of printer drivers are mentioned below.


  • Search for the ‘control panel’ on your device and select the ‘devices and printers’ option as shown amongst the other alternatives.
  • There is a list of devices and printers that are connected or available for your device to be connected to. Choose your HP printer and right-click on the same to select the ‘remove device’ option.
  • Next, you may press the Windows + R keys together which would open the ‘run’ box for you. Now type ‘devmgmt. msc’ in the empty box and press ok.
  • A list of a few devices is shown on your screen among which you need to right-click on the HP printer that you are using and then click on the option that says ‘uninstall the device’.
  • In case it asks you to confirm you may press the ‘uninstall’ button and complete the process.
  • Restart your printer and device after a wait of about 10 minutes in order to allow it for the detection and installation of the drivers.


On and off chance if your device fails to recognize and read the printer drivers. you may update them manually by following the steps given below.


  • Search for the ‘run’ box on your device or you may press the Windows + R keys together.
  • Type or enter ‘devmgmt.msc’ in the box and click on the ‘ok’ button.
  • A list of options appears on the screen among which you need to select the ‘print queue’ and then right-click on the HP printer that you are using to open a list of options.
  • Choose ‘update driver’ amongst the other alternatives, and then click on the ‘Browse my computer for driver software’ option. 
  • Press on ‘ok’ and move further with the steps.
  • The Microsoft official website would be opened on your screen from where you need to start the download of ‘wushowhide.diagcab’ and run the entire process. 
  • Select the ‘hide updates’ option and click on ‘printer update’. 
  • The process is completed successfully and you may try a sample print for confirming.


The printer driver is unavailable error could also be shown if the printer drivers are not at all installed in your printer. Thus, to install the same you can follow the steps explained below.


  • Search for the HP official website online.
  • Next enter the name of your printer model number on the search bar given at the top of your screen on the website.
  • Once you find the most updated and compatible versions of the printer drivers for your HP printer you may start downloading this same by clicking on the ‘download’ button.
  • Once the downloading is complete you may install the HP printer drivers by processing the run command.
  • Read all the instructions, terms, and conditions carefully shown on a screen and once you agree to all of them the printer drivers will be successfully installed on your HP printer.


The process is now complete and the HP printer driver is unavailable on Windows 10 error might have disappeared from your device allowing your HP printer to work back in the most efficient manner.