What is AirPrint technology and how to use it?

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Apple has been the most prominent and trustworthy brand when anyone speaks of mobile phones, laptops, or any other electronic gadget that is being used in the present times. It does only provide its users with commendable features, but also with substantial and high standard security. Each and everything can be done in apple gadgets with single clicks and without much hassle including the AirPrint technology. 

What is Airprint really?

If anyone owning the Apple brand phone, MacBook, iPad, or iPod wishes to give a print command to receive the result within a few minutes without too many of the connections and wired obstructions in between, he/she can use the AirPrint feature that has been provided by the Apple brand. It is a feature or quality which is merely provided by the Apple company in its iPhones, iPads, iPods, or MacBook. This technology is used to give instant and high-quality printouts through a single click on any of the above-mentioned gadgets of the Apple brand. The wireless printer that you are carrying must have the feature to work and collaborate with the AirPrint technology and should also be connected to the same network as which the iPhone is. 

AirPrint is now available in several models of printers all around, with the ability to print documents wirelessly and barely with a few clicks. All the requirements needed to fulfill a print command such as the ‘number of copies’ of the documents and other internal jobs that have to be carried out are pre-installed in the Apple device that you might be using. It is a facility or a feature that allows you to give print commands and receive the printed document in any remote area without worrying about the wired connections or faults in between. The only condition is that the Wi-Fi or the network to which the Apple device is connected should be the same to which your AirPrint printer is connected. 

What is Airprint printer

Speaking of what is an AirPrint printer, it is generally misinterpreted that they are only the printers that are manufactured by the Apple brand but it is not at all true. Airprint is a technology that is now being installed in several sorts of printers all over including HP, Epson, Brother, and Canon. You need to only check the features that are installed or supported by the printer that you buy, and check if AirPrint is amongst them. In case it is, the printer is completely suitable and appropriate to be connected to your Apple device.

What is the AirPrint setup and how is it done?

In case you are not sure as to how you carry out the entire AirPrint setup or connect your device to the printer we are here to help. It is no big task to do the above-mentioned as the only requirement for successful setup is to have the same network to which your printer and devices are connected. Nearly all of the printers that are available in the market in present times are already said to work with the AirPrint feature without any requirement of downloading or installing an external software or driver of any sort.

Printing with the Airprint feature

Now talking of what is an Airprint printing exactly like, or how you would give a print command and successfully print a document using the AirPrint technology you may follow the below steps which are very simple and easy to carry out. 

  • To give a print command you need to open the document, image, or any file which is to be printed and then press the share icon that is present on your device screen. 
  • A handful of options will appear on your screen such as ‘copy’ or forward it through another downloaded application and many others. One of the options amongst them would be the ‘print’ option. 
  • You need to click on the ‘print’ option and then select the printer that you are using.
  • Then select all the necessary and desired settings such as the number of printouts or copies required and any other requirement which is to be filled. 
  • Now you may simply press the ‘print’ command and wait for your document to be printed within seconds from the printer to which it is connected.

What is the AirPrint basic guide?

  • A few of the brands that support the AirPrint technology are HP, Epson, Canon, Brother, and many more. 
  • Also, remember that the version of the iOS device that you are using to print must be above V 4.2. 
  • The network to which the printer is connected should be the same with which your Apple device is connected. 
  • The AirPrint printers would only work if they are connected to a good and stable Wi-Fi connection. In case there is no connection between the device and the AirPrint printer, the print command might not be successful.