How to make your wedding memorable in London?

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One of the most important days in someone’s life is the day they get married. It’s a day that marks a historic decision in their lives where they decide to choose a partner with whom they will spend the rest of their lives till death do them part. Usually weddings are a grand affair which lasts a whole day. A day which is truly dedicate to you and your partner. However, one need not have a grand wedding to make it memorable. Listed below are a few ways you can make your wedding more memorable irrespective of the grandeur and budget.

Create Digital Invitation

Creating a digital wedding invitation will help you stand out on a different level and leave a lasting impression on your guests. People have begun to create eye-catching wedding invitation flyers and send them digitally via phones. It is very simple to create custom and appealing wedding invitations flyers with PhotoADKing’s flyer maker tool, where you will find thousands of predefined wedding invitations templates that will assist you in creating stunning invitation flyers in minutes.

Choose a unique venue

When it comes to the venue of your wedding ceremony, most people are scared to get creative with it. A large part of the population in United Kingdom choose to get married in church because it’s the norm. But you could also opt to exchange vows on the beach or in your backyard. The key is to keep the ceremony short so as to avoid boredom among your guests. Alternatively, you can choose to get married in a traditional venue like the church and hold the reception at a unique place such as amusement parks, campgrounds, art galleries or ski lodges.

Spice up the décor

The décor can play an important role in determining the ambience of a place. The décor or the wedding venue or the reception doesn’t always have to be the traditional flowers with lights. You can choose to decorate the place with items that are personal to you and your partner. For example, a couple who worked for the Glitter magazine decided to spice up their wedding décor by adding lots of sequins in each décor piece. You could also probably choose a colour theme, something that matches your personality or the color of your lab diamond engagement ring.

Keep your guests entertained

Keeping the guests at your wedding engage in some activity. Or the other is a sure-shot way to have a memorable wedding day. Apart from dancing, you could also have fun wedding games that engage all wedding guests. You could ask guests for song requests and have a photo booth with props. Where they can get some great pictures clicked for themselves. You could also consider having a lounge area at your reception venue for guests who do not really want o keep dancing all the time.

Give favors that will be useful

Wedding favor are stuff that will remind your guests of the good time they had at your wedding so it should be something meaningful for them and something that they can put to use instead of keeping it in some corner of the house forgotten. If you’re going to spend on wedding favors, it might as well be something that the guests are going to like. It can be small shot glasses, a box of cookies, a small bottle of jam or a plant. You can also choose something quirky and unique just like Hatton Garden lab grown diamonds.