8 Killer Social Media Content Ideas to Engage Your Audience: Short Guide

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As being a marketer, coming up with content ideas for a social media platform may count as your regular practice. Posting content on social media on a regular basis is surely a task that is easier said than done. 

In order to keep the audience engaged and entertained on your social media, one simply has to think of killer social media content ideas. 

As far as ideas are concerned, it doesn’t matter how professional a marketer you are, there might come a phase where you won’t be able to come up with any content ideas for your social media. 

On the odds that you are someone who is struggling with handling your or your clientele’s social media account effectively, then you surely have come to the right place.

In this guide below, we are about to introduce you to some of the unique, and some of the finest social media content ideas that you might not have heard before.

Hence, you don’t need to panic anymore, as the days of rejoicing and fun are going to reappear for you.

With that being said, we advise you to stick with this guide till the end as we have included such unique things in the article that you might not be aware of. 

Without any further ado, let us take a deep dive and see what information this article comes hidden with!  

  • Keep reminding people about who you are, and how you took your first initial step? 

First thing first, if you are someone who has been using the platform of Instagram for quite a time, then you would surely be aware of the fact that people present in the Instagram marketplace are simply crazy to know the journey behind the success of a person. 

For example, if you are someone who has quite a huge Instagram family with an enhanced follower count.

Then your follower would surely be interested in your past stories, about who you really are, and how did you manage to create such a fandom of your own at the platform. 

In this content idea, you can share a little background with your audience about who you used to be before coming on Instagram, what made you create a business account on Instagram, and what path did you follow to reach the success that you own right now. 

  • Keep updating users about your behind the scenes 

Many people simply happen to be a fan of knowledge behind the scenes of any video graphic content. 

For the people who aren’t aware of what behind the scenes are, then they can relate this term with the word “Bloopers”.

Behind the scenes are simply the content that was recorded or shot at the set, but for some reason wasn’t included in the actual video.

This can turn out to be a funny post, and can surely bring a heap of engagement towards your account. 

  • Share any personal story of yours

Sharing your personal story with your followers or audience happens to be content that brings a heaping amount of engagement towards one’s account.

In this post idea, you don’t have to think much. All you need to do is to make content out of a story that you may have heard from someone, or you may have witness yourself. 

People simply loves to know more about the owner of the Instagram account, and posting your personal story with your followers will make you come close with them! 

  • Tell people about the things you sell 

On the odds that you or your company owns a product of their own, or your company is associated or trusted partner of any product, that what can prove to be a more profound way of getting a content idea, than making content out of the little details of the product. 

What counts to be the real benefit of this idea is that you would be getting content for your social media platform, and side by side, the promotion of your product would be done as well. 

  • Share funny content with your audience

 You might be aware of the fact that in the world we live in, every individual here happens to be a huge fan of memes. 

Hence, if you are aware of any funny story or content that your audience may like, then you must post that up on your account! 

  • Share any premium quote with your audience 

Got any motivational quotes by your side that you were touched with? 

Then what can prove to be a more effective social media content idea than sharing the quote that you are attached with your social media audience!

Just be sure to keep the quote concise and small while posting it on your account! 

  • Host an “Ask me anything” session 


There might be several questions that your followers may want to ask you for quite a time. 

Hosting a “Ask me anything” session happens to be the best opportunity you can provide to your followers to clarify any type of misconceptions and questions that they might have regarding you or your account! 

This is surely the best content idea that you may ever get your hands on! 

  • Share your favorite book with your audience 


Got any favorite books of yours? Then make content for that book and share it with your audience. By sharing such types of things not only serves you as a content idea but also reflects how positive your personality you owns on your audience. 

Hence, to have a healthy relationship with your followers, this is the content idea you should go with! 


While wrapping it up, one of the odds that you are lacking to maintain your or your clienteles social media account productively, you sure are at the right place. 

The social media content ideas that we have included in our list above comes directly from professional and successful Instagram marketers, hence, without any doubt, you can remain assured that there is no way these ideas won’t work for you.

With that being said, give a maximum of the above-mentioned tips a shot, and we assure you of the fact that you will receive a profound experience!