7 Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies for Startups

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When we startup, what we focus on is driving traffic to our website, it is great to focus on this. But you know what our priority should be: Conversion Rate Optimization.

So this article will let you know about what conversion rate optimization is and what conversion rate optimization strategies you should apply for the startup. 

CRO: Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is the practice of increasing the number of users on a website who carry out desired actions on a website. Desired actions mean purchasing a product, clicking on add to cart, clicking on a link, filling up a form, or signing up for a service.

For example, if I have written an article on Moviesflix Pro, I will provide important links there so that people can click on those links and CRO will increase.

7 Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

Now, let’s talk about the strategies which will help you with Conversion Rate Optimization.

  • Loading Speed of your website

This is the most important strategy as if you improve the speed of loading your website page more visitors can easily open it. If the loading speed is slow, visitors will leave without having a look at it so make sure that your page loads within 3 seconds which will be a beneficial CRO strategy.

  • Use Captivating headlines

Having ineffective headlines will not gain the attention of visitors. So, make sure you create catchy and captivating headlines so that people will read the inside matter as well and it will increase in Conversion Rate Optimization is by reading it in a proper manner that will let them buy the product or click on the link. So headlines will gain the attention of the visitors.

  • Optimize your page for phone

Your page should look simple and natural and make sure it is easy to read on all sorts of devices including phones. Most people use phones to search for their results so keep in mind that your page is mobile-friendly. So, in this way optimizing your page for mobile phones will increase CRO.

  • Use SEO

Most people prefer to read SEO-friendly content so that they will get the proper information and related sources on the same page. So make sure that you write SEO-friendly content so that people will click on the links and it will increase the Conversion Rate Optimization.

  • Build trust

This is the most important strategy that you should build trust among the readers. Like if you are selling a product so have to make your page visitors believe that all the information is relevant and they can buy the product. And like if I am writing about a movie site like 9x movies Green then I will make them believe that this site provides the latest movies. So building trust is important for improving CRO.

  • Remove Distractions

Don’t include unnecessary things in your content like too many links or other directing options as it will distract the readers. So make it simple and effective by removing distractions that will improve the CRO.

  • Limited offer

If you are promoting a product then make them believe that it is a limited offer instead of putting a review section so that they will be forced to buy if they don’t want to miss it and they will probably buy it. 


Driving traffic to your website is good but your focus should be on improving Conversion Rate Optimization. So you should try these above-mentioned 7 strategies that would help improve your CRO for a startup and it will surely gain people’s attention.