The Drug Detox Process is Influenced By the Type of Drug Involved

Patients might have some idea of what to expect when they enter a detox program. They can certainly learn about the general experiences of other drug detoxing patients, which could make the situation easier for them.

It’s also important for patients to know how their experience will vary based on the exact kind of substance that they typically used. All chemical substances are different, and their effects on the body are different. The body will heal from these chemicals in different ways as well.

Psychological Symptoms

Drawing a clear line between both psychological and physical symptoms is often difficult. The brain itself is an organ. Something that affects the brain’s chemistry is genuinely physical. People will respond psychologically to physical symptoms.

However, some symptoms much more directly affect the brain than the rest of the body, which can change the manner in which a person experiences the drug detoxing procedure. Most drugs will cause both psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms.

For example, the people who are recovering from cocaine use will be used to operating at a very high level of energy all the time. Cocaine is a very powerful stimulant drug, and some people have historically taken cocaine for the sake of gaining more energy temporarily.

These extreme energy spikes can cause a lot of physical damage, which will become more noticeable to the people who are trying to recover from cocaine addiction. The people who are struggling with cocaine dependency will also often become incredibly anxious when they enter the withdrawal period.

People might assume that they’d feel calmer after they stop taking a stimulant drug. However, their bodies are now used to operating at a very high level of stress. It can take some time for their systems to readjust to a more normal level of energy, and repairing some damage caused by cocaine can take even longer.

Many drug detoxing patients will have to cope with cravings of some kind, and these can be especially serious for the people who are detoxing from cocaine. Their bodies are used to this chemical providing a lot of energy. The cravings will eventually become milder, which is why it’s so important for patients to have a lot of support at some of the most important parts of the recovery process.

Physical Problems

A lot of drugs will cause withdrawal symptoms that seem much more physical in nature. People might feel these symptoms even if they are not thinking about the drug itself. There are medications that can help with this aspect of detoxing, especially since counseling and similar therapies are more valuable when targeting psychological withdrawal symptoms.

Patients who are trying to fully detox from benzodiazepines and alcohol will almost always need to take medication because of the nature of the associated withdrawal symptoms. The professionals will have the medication that they need, and they can administer it effectively.

Some patients might benefit from other types of medication that relate to the drugs that they are detoxing from, and they might also need psychological counseling. Most people will get psychological counseling at some point as recovering addiction patients.