How Can I get an Online SIM card with the same Number?

These days there is hardly anything that you cannot find online. From the trendiest clothes to the recently released novels, from precious jewelry to sumptuous food, you can buy everything online. And as we do online shopping, we not only save the time that we spend on hopping several stores, we also save quite a lot of money.

Did you know that like many other things, you can also get an online SIM card ? Oh yes, there is no more a need of visiting the physical stores, standing in the queues, getting verbal information from the executives which even may slip off your mind sometimes. You can simply take your smartphone, apply for the SIM card online and wait until it is delivered to you.

And if you are a little attached to your existing number and want to port it to a different service provider, you can do that as well without leaving your home sweet home. To enjoy a hassle-free porting service, you can consider Airtel.

The Airtel not only makes the porting service easy but you can also avail of several benefits with the Airtel prepaid service.  To port your existing number to Airtel prepaid, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • You first need to visit the website of Airtel and click on the Prepaid tab
  • Now from the dropdown, click on Port to Airtel Prepaid
  • Now you have to enter details such as name, mobile number, location, and address.

You will receive a call from an Airtel executive who will schedule the doorstep delivery of the SIM. The executive will collect all the required documents from you, activate the sim and hand over the activated SIM card to you. The executive will also ask for the Unique Porting Code which you have to share with him.

As you get the new SIM card, you can continue using your current SIM card till the time the porting process is completed. The process may take up to 48 hours. Once your number has been port to Airtel, your old SIM will stop receiving signals and at this point. You need to insert your new Airtel SIM card in the phone and start using it. To track the entire process, you can install the Airtel Thanks App and log in using your existing mobile number.

While you are carrying out the process of online porting the number. And you enter the required details on the Airtel website. You will get options to choose from two Airtel prepaid plans. You can start with any of these Airtel prepaid plans. And can later change it as you continue using the service.

To recharge an Airtel prepaid number, you can use the Airtel website or Airtel Thanks App. Well, if you choose the Airtel Thanks App for recharging your prepaid number. You will also receive cashback on the recharge. The Airtel prepaid is also amazing when it is about the plans. You will not only get unlimited calls, daily SMS, and daily data but will also be able to enjoy several additional benefits. Now, all that you need to do is to visit the Airtel website and get start with the process.