10 of the Best Phone Case Brands

Are you struggling to find the perfect phone case brand? Do you feel like there are too many brands to choose from? We believe protecting your phone is important if you want to keep it safe from drops, bumps, scratches, dust, and dirt. There are many brands that offer different types of protection depending on your lifestyle.

Below we talk about 10 of our favorite brands of phone cases that are trending right now, and we hope you find one.

UAG (Urban Armor Gear)

If you love to travel and play sports and want to fully protect your phone, UAG is your brand. Their phone cases meet military grade drop and shock resistance. This 5-layer protection case combines premium design and precision engineering for a great looking and stylish case. If you are prone to dropping, bumping, or scratching your phone, UAG is for you. Phone cases provide extra protection in the corners, they support wireless charging and are compatible with Apple Pay. Available for many phone models and designs.

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Do you like trendy phone cases? If so, Case-Mate will meet your needs. They specialize in designer and cute phone cases. The aforementioned model is inspired by 1950s and 1960s Lucite bags and will add a sparkle of glamor to your evening. Crafted from natural materials in a resin casing, Case-Mate offers a wide range of beautiful and stylish phone cases. With anti-scratch protection and flexible sides, Case-Mate protective phone cases provide a secure grip for your phone from up to 10 feet. These covers are for those of you who love a little sparkle and glamor in your life.


Rokform offers phone cases for those of you who love being outdoors and doing extreme sports. At Rokform you will find everything from cycling to trekking. Many of their cases (such as the one above) can give you the opportunity to completely free your hands. Rokform cases, complete with magnetic Super Grip for phone ventilation, can be installed in seconds by simply sliding the phone through the air vent. Magnet-to-magnet contact is securely held even over rough terrain in portrait or landscape photography. While these cases are extremely practical, they are also made to look great and stylish.


Otterbox phone cases are unique to offer you the best protection for your phone. The Strada series includes a leather smartphone case with reliable Otterbox protection. It has a book-style cover that closes securely around the phone and opens to reveal a convenient card or cash slot. Keeping your phone safe from drops and bumps, handcrafted style and premium protection help you organize and protect.


Looking for a phone case that minimizes performance while still looking elegant? Terrapin offers TPU gel phone cases that protect your phone from bumps, drops, scratches, dust and dirt. Providing the highest quality fit, style and protection, the Terrapin showcases its form-fitting and low-profile design. This case, presented above, provides reliable protection for the hard case and the flexibility of the soft case. It has redesigned cutouts for all controls and ports, making it easier to charge your phone. Stylish and simple case that does not require large dimensions, which enhances the aesthetic appearance of your device.


For those of you looking for two suitcases in one, Redneck offers Duo Wallet Folio as the perfect solution. The combination wallet and slim case features a protective design with a magnetic closure, ensuring your phone is protected from any possible scratches. The secure magnetic mount simply attaches the case to the back of the slim case, giving you flexibility. It has three credit card slots and a cash pocket, making it a great everyday accessory. Redneck makes sure their cases provide easy access to all function keys and ports, so charging your phone won’t be a problem. While these phone cases are practical, they also look sleek and elegant.

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If you want a simple phone case, Tech21 has a lot to offer. Their cases are designed and manufactured to withstand drops and bumps without damaging the phone itself. This is not based on assumptions, but on controlled test results and hard data. The extremely lightweight and slim design means you barely feel the body of your phone. The above housing allows full access to all ports and function buttons, and the material absorbs and dissipates any impact force. It includes FlexShock, which is an essential element of the case, but it also means your case stays thin and light.


It is this Krusell collection, the Sunne Collection, that is the master of true luxury. Meticulous cut and genuine vintage leather create a sleek and elegant phone case with sophisticated style. It grows old in beauty and matures over time. Thanks to the ultra-slim design, you will hardly notice a difference when holding your phone with or without a case. Krusell has a variety of designs and collections in which you will find a case and design to suit your needs.

iDeal Sweden

Ideal of Sweden’s Golden Jade Marble phone case is simply amazing. It is inspired by dark jade green tones and luxe gold and white marble fittings. The combination of these colors gives the case an ultra-modern look. Made of durable yet flexible plastic, it fully protects your phone from drops, bumps, dents and dust. It includes a microfiber lining to prevent scratches and is magnetically compatible with iDeal of Sweden wallets and mounts, making it unique. The gold name detail gives the phone case a true luxury feel.


Dipsoda offers unique and beautifully designed phone cases. Crafted to the highest quality standards and coated with a lustrous and rich luster, these pieces of art wrap the entire body, creating a beautiful and seamless finish for your device. Dipsoda’s style is inspired by the surrounding elements, lifestyle and nature. The cases are robust, shockproof and have a beautiful sheen to highlight unique pieces of art. They are very thin to preserve the profile of your device and keep the volume to a minimum. From the many designs to choose from, you will find the style that suits you.