Explore Top Tourist Attractions in Bogota On Your Vacation

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Bogota is a large city with numerous attractions to see, but because you may not have enough time to see them all, we’ve produced a list of the top attractions in Bogota. Bogotá is Colombia’s high-altitude capital, at more than 2,500 meters (8,000 feet) above sea level. Bogota is significantly larger than most people realize, rivaling the scale of major cities like New York and Mexico City. There are many intriguing sites to see in Bogota. 


Colombia’s capital is rich in history and tourist attractions, but it also has a laid-back, casual, hip, and even stylish feel. Bogotá is a real cosmopolitan metropolis, from its monthly Ciclovia cycling path through the streets to its upmarket neighborhood filled with wonderful restaurants, parks, and good nightlife.


From the ancient district of La Candelaria to the panoramic vistas of Cerro de Monserrate. Don’t be put off by Bogota’s huge, busy cityscape. Narrow down your searches. Get packed, make lufthansa airlines booking online and save up to 45% off on every flight. Here are some of the best tourist sites in Bogotá that you won’t want to miss.

El Cerro Monserrate (Monserrate Peak)

El Cerro Monserrate, a hilltop in Bogotá, is an iconic emblem of the city and, by far, provides the finest perspective of the city’s scenery, borders, and distribution. You can travel to Montserrat by taking a cable car that will whisk you to the top of the mountain in no time. You may visit the church, have a hot chocolate and a tasty tamal, buy handicrafts at the little market, or simply enjoy the beautiful view of Bogota from the numerous attractive garden areas after you’ve reached the summit.

Plaza de Bolivar

Plaza de Bolivar is the bustling major square in the heart of Bogota. There are numerous historic structures around the square, including Neoclassical mansions, government buildings, and Colombia’s largest cathedral. The location was originally known as Plaza Mayor, but in the 19th century, it was renamed after the military leader Simon Bolivar.

Iglesia de San Francisco

The Iglesia de San Francisco is one of Bogota’s most prominent religious sites. The church, which was built between 1557 and 1621, is the city’s oldest surviving structure. The Iglesia de San Francisco is a popular tourist attraction since it is within a short distance from the world-famous Museum of Gold. The walls are covered in intricate Christian artwork, making it feel more like a holy art museum than a typical church.

The Salt Cathedral 

Although the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira is not in Bogotá, we decided to add it since it is definitely worth visiting. Zipaquira, a historic town about an hour from Bogota, is known for its salt mines and churches constructed into the vast tunnels of an old salt mine. The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira is one of Colombia’s most popular tourist and religious destinations.

Bogotá Ciclovia

Bogota is a particularly pedestrian-friendly city, with the most extensive network of bicycle paths in Latin America. Every Sunday, owing to the Ciclovia, cycling takes over the city. Many roads are blocked to automobiles every Sunday between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. It gives bikers, joggers, and roller skaters a fresh way to see the city.  

La Candelaria

La Candelaria is perhaps the city’s most significant area. This is the centre of Bogotá, where Simon Bolivar escaped, Policarpa Salvarieta was killed, and the Grito de Libertad signalled the start of the revolution. Aside from its historical significance, La Candelaria is home to a number of notable landmarks. Plaza de Bolivar is a must-see, and the Palacio de Narino is not to be missed.

Historic Churches 

Although medieval churches in Bogota are not frequently mentioned as “must-see” attractions in the city, the city is home to some of Europe’s most beautiful and majestic cathedrals. Each church has its own architectural and artistic style, based on the art style that was popular at the time of creation. The Iglesia of San Francisco and the Iglesia de la Tercera are particularly worth seeing. These two churches are directly across the street from one another. 

Museo Botero

Fernando Botero is the most famous and important Colombian artist of all time, and the Museo Botero is named for him. Botero’s personal art collection is housed in this museum, which is also known as the Banco de la Repubblica Art Collection. You will be able to examine over 3,000 objects from the 16th century to the current day when you visit the museum. 


Don’t get carried away by the huge, bustling metropolis of Bogota. Colombia’s capital is full of history and tourist attractions. So, what are you thinking about? Plan your trip with AirlinesMap and visit the US as soon as possible for a chance to explore these 10 places to visit in Colombia.