Elements Rollers 70mm

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Elements Rollers 70mm are ideal for rolling single broad (or 70mm long) cigarettes. These rolling machines come with clear instructions that walk you through the procedure even if you’ve never used one before. High-quality acrylic is used to make these rollers in Indonesia, giving them three times the strength of comparable plastic rollers, which are usually sourced from Chinese manufacturers.

 It also has a second apron. Check out Elements 70mm Rolling Machine Replacement Aprons if you need a new apron.

Elements’ 70mm roller makes rolling the ideal Single Wide cigarette a cinch. The roller is made to last thanks to its robust vinyl surface and acrylic body. But don’t worry, each roller comes with a new mat just in case the first one becomes worn out. Enjoy!


Rolling a perfect cigarette:

When it comes to rolling a perfect cigarette, the Elements 110mm Cigarette Roller does an excellent job. As a well-known brand, Elements is renowned for making high-quality cigarette accessories. This cigarette roller fits conveniently into a pocket or handbag, making it great for on-the-go use. This cigarette hand roller can accommodate up to a king-size pack of cigarettes’ worth of tobacco. Don’t forget to look at our amazing selection of rolling papers.

Because they utilized ungummed, thin rice sheets in the original Elements rolling papers, they produced almost no ash other than a thin, white line. Chemicals, ordinary pulp, and hemp are all absent from pure rice rolling sheets. 



Elements created a paper made entirely of rice, which was then pressed to create a very thin and ultra-slow-burning cigarette. A unique Criss-Cross imprint on the newer type Elements’ watermark helps to keep the burn clean by preventing runs. Their premium rice rolling papers are still flavorless and slow to burn, plus they include a natural Acacia gum in them for added stickiness. They burn cleanly, much like the original Elements, with the exception of a very thin line of residue left behind when the Acacia gum turns to caramel throughout the burning process. Rolling papers of this caliber are hard to come by. Elements Rolling Papers are available for worldwide shipping. Read our foreign shipping policies before placing an order.


Perfect for single-wide papers, this roll is perfect.

RAW Automatic Rolling Box can assist you to keep up your Roll-Your-Own way of living, whether you’re a novice or simply want a helping hand. Because it can only roll single-wide sheets, the 70mm machine is tiny and extremely portable. The rolling box’s curved shape fits snugly in a pocket, so you can just grab it and go!


Rolling box:

Unlike other rolling machines, the RAWtomatic Rolling Box requires no belt-twisting or apron-replacing hassle, and it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! In order to make our Automatic Rolling Box as easy, quick, and enjoyable as possible, Raw designed it. Once you get the hang of it, using it is a breeze: just load your favorite Raw Single Wide Rolling Paper into the apron, line the apron with your favorite Raw Single Wide Rolling Paper, and gently shut the box. That’s all there is to it!



To guarantee years of flawlessly rolled cigarettes, the slender body is composed of robust black metal and riveted together with extra-strong screws. Because it’s unlike other rolling machines, this one may be challenging to master at first. But after you’ve seen how quickly and precisely each cigarette comes out, you won’t want to roll another one by hand ever again!


Similar machines may only survive a few months, but this one from RAW is intended to last a lifetime and contribute to the company’s commitment to sustainable design and manufacturing practices.


There’s enough room in the bottom of this rolling box to store several boxes of papers and a herbal bag without impeding the box’s ability to move. You don’t have to worry about it when you pack it up and roll it up.


Supply Recommendations

Single wide sheets may only be rolled on this 70mm Automatic Rolling Machine. Check out our 79mm Rolling Box and even bigger 110mm Rolling Box for King Size papers if you like longer smokes! For this machine, though, all you’ll need is some Raw Classic Single Wide sheets and your favorite herbal mix. Natural tips are available if you like your cigarettes with tips.


RAW Automatic Rolling Box: How to Use It?

If you follow these simple instructions, you’ll be rolling like an expert in no time, and you’ll be producing flawless smokes every time!

By pushing the apron back and opening the box’s lid, you’ll create a tobacco trough. Don’t overfill the machine; doing so will make it difficult to run.

Place your paper in the trough beneath the tobacco, dampening the gummed edge just slightly. The gummed edge must be facing you and at the top of your document.

To get the paper to stick, gently close the lid. Apply gentle pressure to both sides of the lid as you slowly and steadily close the box.


The factors which affect:


Our unique crisscross watermark is placed on every page. This watermark aids in the prevention of runs and promotes a more equal and comfortable burning experience. To view the exquisite watermark pressed into each sheet of Elements Rolling Papers, hold it up to the light.


Rolling papers from Elements are powered by the wind. Our paper manufacturing facility is located in the mountains north of Alicante, Spain, in a tiny hamlet named Alcoy. Rolling sheets were invented at Alcoy (circa 1700).


Designed for the fire, Elements Rolling Papers produce virtually little ash when burned. Elements are made to burn as cleanly as possible without altering the flavor of your cigarette.