Revolutionize Your Candle Boxes With These 6 Easy Tips

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Candles are mostly use in spas, resorts, and restaurants for creating a perfect ambiance. As a retail candle business, providing these products in high-end candle boxes is extremely important for you. In the modern consumer market, people are highly impress by practical and aesthetically elegant boxes. There is a common belief that brands that provide such packages are also focusing on delivering quality candle items. Standing out from the crowd can be a daunting task, especially if you are going for a generic packaging design. You need to design phenomenally appealing and practical packaging to secure a number one spot in the candle industry. 


Perfectly fitting design:

The mystery of designing unique custom candle boxes that dazzle the customers can be solve by picking up a custom-fitting style. Personalize the size and shape of them by keeping in view the dimensions of your candles. You would obtain a style that caters to both the aesthetic and functional experiences of customers. Imagine receiving a luxury product like a candle in a box with a generic style. In the very first instance, you would be able to tell that the item inside is of lower quality. The customers make the judgment regarding a product by its packaging outlook. The moment they realize the appearance as ordinary, they will not think twice about discarding your item. Keep the box design personalized and add a style with the placement of custom inserts inside. The inserts provide additional protection and organize the candles neatly for a great and exemplary unboxing experience. 


Less is more:

Minimalism is an excellent trend being follow across various retail industries. Design your custom candle boxes on this theme to procure the undivided attention of people towards your items. Blend and complex packaging designs are a thing of the past now. No one prefers to purchase a product that is somehow confusing the target audience. Eliminate the chances of any sort of confusion with a simple and clear packaging design. For this, you would need to discard the use of ostentatious typefaces and pictorial illustrations having a higher audacity. The experts recommend using the single-color approach as it is appreciated worldwide. The minimalist concept should not be restricted to the design only. Instead, think of extending it to the manufacturing process as well to make your packaging lightweight and convenient. 


Focus on transparency:

Almost all the potential clients prefer a product preview prior to reaching any conclusion about whether to buy it or not. It is, for this reason, transparent packages are becoming a new norm in the retail world. Fully transparent packaging is not an ideal option for candle items. The best approach is to add one or two cutouts of small sizes. The cutouts are more exclusive when they are shape artistically, so keep that factor in mind as well. These creative cutouts pique the attention of the target audience by letting them view the package candle items. Cover the cutouts with PVC sheets that are transparent to make sure the safety of items is not compromise. It is an essential box design idea to promote your brand’s message that you have nothing to hide. 


Monochromatic color themes:

A monochromatic theme is a special concept that is comprise of several variations of a single color. You can select any color of your desire to create a monochromatic design. Several wholesale candle boxes could help you get your packages design in such a color theme. If you are designing on your own, select a single hue of your choice. If you are selecting a red color, add white to create pink and then black to create maroon. You will get a variety of shades this way from a single color. Use this concept to keep your candles from getting boring and mundane. 


Make it portable:

The functional aspect of packaging is often ignore in the retail world, which is not a good thing at all. The customers look at such details very closely and make purchasing decisions according to that. Make your candle packages completely portable with the introduction of handles at the top. The handling mechanisms make it easier for the customers to grab and carry the candle items in a safe manner. The plus point of such a design is that load is concentrate at one point that makes the carrying experience hassle-free. 


Limited edition design:

The candles are occasionally used on special events such as birthdays, Christmas, and the holiday season. Try to establish symmetry between your products and packages through limited edition designs. Consider the special upcoming events and transform the exterior outlook in a way that gives a perfect highlight to the event. If they are to be used on a child’s birthday event, emboss them with the images of Cinderella characters. Likewise, embellish boxes with red and white colors to make your candles look consistent with the theme of wedding anniversaries. 



You cannot afford to present your premium candle products in a misfit or unpleasant packaging. Use candle boxes that let you transform your imagination of impressing customers into a reality. Go for some monochromatic designs or add unique cutout patterns to let the audience get astonished with your unique display. You can explore other design ideas too, which are highly practical to shape positive perceptions of your product in the market.