Kitchen style and kitchen table color

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In many ways, the color of the dining table is determined by the style of the kitchen.

Small kitchens are characterized by minimalism or modern Art Nouveau – the usual small tables with painted wooden legs and MDF or chipboard countertops are appropriate in them. Colors – either echoing with other furniture, or imitation of not very dark wood on the countertop. Glass tables on metal legs, painted with powder paint in dark warm colors, also look good.

For large kitchens, the choice of tables and their colors is much more varied.

For youth high-tech kitchens, you should choose a gray or glass table with shiny chrome legs. For a loft style, a glass table is also suitable. Tables with imitation of artificial stone look good in the loft, including dark blue or green with black and even black (only in a very spacious kitchen). Rough black and brown wooden tables with plank tops can be used.

For “rustic” and exotic styles, the choice of the color of the countertop is quite unambiguous: wood and only wood and its imitation.

In the styles of classic, baroque, modern, kitchens are practically not made – palace luxury is not combined with the functionality of the premises.

Modern kitchens can often be characterized by a fusion style (a combination of the incompatible). It is in such kitchens that bright plastic tables and wooden chairs can be installed; use facades and countertops of lemon, lilac, blue; put a homemade table made of wood with an insert of glass or epoxy resin and metal chairs; oriental table with ceramic tiles and wooden chairs.

How to choose the color of the table in the kitchen

When deciding what color to choose a table for the kitchen, all significant factors are taken into account: the size of the kitchen and table, the illumination of the kitchen, the color and texture of the facades and countertops of the working furniture, the general style of the kitchen.

Sometimes it is worth making repairs, installing the rest of the furniture and only then deciding on the color of the table. If the kitchen does not have a clear style, a glass table will always look advantageous – transparent or tinted in a smoky color. In any case, in addition to the color of the table, you need to choose a functional coating that is not afraid of moisture and dirt.


In many ways, the style of the kitchen is determined by the choice of the bespoke dining table. Functional work cabinets and cabinets are always more modest in design and simpler shapes. It is the original table with chairs that gives zest to the interior of the kitchen. Therefore, the design of the entire room largely depends on the choice of the table, and the comfort and coziness of the kitchen depends on the choice of a harmonious color.