How to Design the Best Rustic Wedding Venue?

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Rustic wedding venues are designed to be trendy, fun, and cozy while offering the ultimate flexibility in the design and layout of the event. When planning your rustic-style wedding, you are free to get more creative than a typical wedding venue. At Hollow Hill, we have a wide range of reception and wedding ceremony locations designed to capture the natural beauty and outdoor feel you are looking for. Our team has hosted many weddings and worked with many couples to plan their special day. This has made us experts in rustic wedding styles, and we are sharing some knowledge on how to design your venue to make it magical and memorable for you and your guests.

Rustic Wedding Design and Style

Different weddings offer an array of options for layout, design, and decorations. If you are planning a rustic wedding, your possibilities for table settings, color palettes, seating arrangements, music, and catering are just endless. You are equipped to get as creative as you desire and find multiple inspirations online—one of the best things is to include several natural elements to fit your wedding theme and scene. You can also add unique items to help your event stand out. You can consist of printed linens, vintage-style décor, and floral arrangement pieces to bring out the uniqueness of your wedding.

Lights In and Out

You want to ensure that your guests can see you and your spouse, as well as the unique design elements you took the time and effort to incorporate. That is why it makes sense to add lighting so that your event is clear and visible. You can consider adding the following to match your rusting wedding theme:

  • Lanterns
  • Vintage lamps
  • Spotlights around the altar
  • Overhead string lights
  • Candles

If your event’s reception is outdoors, you can include extra lights in your décor and design plan to suit you when the sunsets.

Rustic Ceremony and Reception

Some of the rustic wedding décor pieces that are essential are often fruits, veggies, foliage, and lots of flowers. The best thing about using nature and vegetation is that you can always find them in colors that blend with your color palette. They also add some admirable texture to your design. If you prefer a more natural look, you can add hay, crystals, stones, branches, antique flatware, faux feathers, or nuts to your décor. They allow for the creativity you need for your special event.

Rustic-themed Foods and Drinks

Besides dinner plates, catering also includes a wide range of unique drinks and settings to keep your guests happy. You can talk to your vendor about your wedding ceremony theme and color to ensure they can match it with the foods they create. Some of the best items for rustic wedding venues include:

  • Seasonal juices and punches
  • Edible florals
  • Farmers market layout
  • Fresh bread
  • Grains

If you want to bring that storybook wedding of your dreams to life, Hollow Hill is the one-stop solution. We offer professional rustic wedding planning services to help you create the perfect setting tailored to your preference.