Auto DrRetail Shop renovation: Successfully modernizing the shop designaft

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Every now and then, it happens that the retail stores are redesigned in the retail sector. For example, when a new managing director arrives or to offer the customer the best possible and most modern shopping experience. However, there are a few things to consider when renovating a shop: Starting with the frequency of the modernization, to the extent of the changes, to the decision as to whether or not you have to close the shop in the meantime. We will show you what is important in modern retail shop fitting and design, explain which mistakes you should avoid, and give you valuable tips on the way.

Reasons for a retail shop renovation

  • Create clarity and order
  • Optimizing the shopping experience for customers
  • Publicity at the reopening
  • Eliminate and modernize old and defective ones (lighting, cooling, goods placement, etc.)
  • Implement new trends through shop remodeling
  • Set modern and appealing accents
  • Redefinition of the core competence

Why you should remodel your business regularly

Most retailers plan to make changes to their store design for all seasonal events.

At Easter, Christmas, or Halloween, the sales rooms are modernized and decorated accordingly, and the shop rebuilt. If the range is expanded (for such events), there is often no way around shop renovation.

You need space in the retail shop fitting for the new goods and have to rearrange existing items and present everything optimally.

Apart from that, you always have to keep an eye on the needs of your customers. Questions you can ask yourself before redesigning your retail shop interior include:

  • Are the paths wide enough?
  • Are the routes running correctly?
  • Do your customers have easy access to the goods?
  • Are these presented appropriately?
  • Are there events for which appropriate decorations make sense?
  • Is my range clearly structured?

Note !!

As soon as you notice that you cannot answer one of the above questions with a resounding “yes”, it is time to modernize the store design.

➤ Make sure that your customer likes to come to you and that your business gives a harmonious overall impression.

Whether you redesign your shop equipment in whole or in part depends on many factors. If the customers are basically satisfied, you will hardly redesign the entire sales room for a new collection.


While decorative measures can be carried out with little effort, a complete redesign of the facility may mean that you have to close your shop for a short time. In the meantime, you will suffer a loss of sales, but reopening after a retail shop renovation will generate new interest among your existing and new customers.

You should pay attention to this when renovating a shop

When you redesign your store, you should also check whether the external effect still brings the desired results. Is the facade still intact, and does the suction effect of the entrance area still work?

If you decide on a new shop fitting, try to design a uniform concept for the shop remodeling. Choose shop fittings that match the value of your goods and avoid “dark corners” in the shop design if you realign the lighting.

  • ➤ Pay attention to improved customer guidance. You can redefine routes and guide the customer using colors or pictograms.
  • ➤ Also, note any cross-selling potential.
  • ➤ You can optimize the length of stay of your customers, for example, with information systems or special eye-catchers, and incorporate them into the successful shop renovation.
  • ➤ Rearrange your range and consciously rely on category management.
  • ➤ So go into the local characteristics such as group of buyers, purchasing power, competitors.

Conclusion: modernize retail shop design – uncover and repair grievances

When redesigning the store, there are a few things to consider, such as the investment amount, the correct distribution of individual elements and goods, the customer experience, and the customer’s perception. The redesign of your store design as such should take place on a large scale a maximum of once a year, smaller changes can be made more frequently. To do this, analyze grievances in advance and improve them in a targeted manner by remodeling the retail shop. Then it is about the concrete implementation of the store redesign.