The Importance of a Properly Fitted Bra

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Having a properly fitted bra is incredibly important for women. In fact, improperly fitting bras can cause many issues.

They’re Uncomfortable

Luckily for women looking for properly fitting bras, Lulalu provides the excellent service of creating bras that fit perfectly. Otherwise, an ill-fitting bra can cause many problems. First of all, they’re very uncomfortable. For example, if your bra is too large you may constantly find yourself adjusting your bra strap because it keeps moving down your arm. On the other hand, if your bra is too small it’ll be too tight and potentially leave marks on your skin.

Additionally, there’s also the issue of presentation and first impressions. If your bra is too large, it may make your chest area look strange or even silly due to its irregular movement. If your bra is too small, it may make your chest area look strangely stiff and your breasts look oddly flattened or squashed. These are all things that other people might notice about you, causing you to leave a bad impression on them.

They Can Cause Injury and Pain

Unfortunately, an ill-fitting bra can cause problems much more concerning than discomfort. A bra that’s too large is likely to lead to your breast skin chafing against it. This can cause your breast skin to peel or flake right off. Your breast skin peeling or flaking can lead to breast pain in the affected area. Worse still, if the problem’s severe enough you may even bleed a little. It’s not a pleasant experience at all.

Conversely, if your bra is too small, this can be an equally painful issue. It can be very painful if your breasts are constantly being squashed by your bra and there are marks being left on your skin due to the tightness of your bra.

Properly Fitted Bras

Properly fitted bras can save women from all the possible complications an improperly fitting bra could lead to. They’re very comfortable to wear and won’t make your chest area look strange or silly in any way. You won’t have to worry about people getting a strange impression of you due to an ill-fitting bra. Additionally, they won’t cause you or your breasts injury or pain. They’re made to fit you perfectly, which means your breasts won’t chafe against them and cause your breast skin to peel or flake off. They also won’t squash your breasts or leave marks on your body.