How Students Can Earn by Creating Accounts on Amazon or Other Like Platforms?

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How Students Can Earn by Creating Accounts on Amazon or Other Like Platforms?


Worried about earning money? It hurts when you are a student and you can not earn money while you see rest of the world is making more and more money. However, it is difficult to earn money during your studies but it is not impossible. You just have to manage all things by creating a schedule which can help you to manage studies and earning at the same time. Although, today is online world and you can even earn just by sitting at home. The thing is you just need to use your brain on a right place. You have seen many online stores where you can do business. Like, today amazon is ruling on this world and people are earning a huge amount from amazon. So, you want to know how to earn from amazon? So here we go…

Ways to earn from amazon

The uncontested king of online shopping malls is Amazon. Every month, about 190 million people visit This is the highest in comparison to any other eCommerce marketplace. It also generated $238 billion in revenues last year, with forecasts that it will top $300 billion in 2019. Amazon provides a number of opportunities for people like you to make money while also producing revenue. Even better, you can make money from Amazon without having to spend any money. Here are a few ways you may make money through Amazon.

Amazon drop shipping

Don’t worry if you do not have any money to invest. You can also earn without any investment through amazon drop shipping method. In this type of earning method, you will just get order and you just have to fulfil the customer requirement. It means, it is not important that the product should have to you. In this case you can buy from another store and send it to your customer’s address.

Amazon is a great place to sell outdated items.

Are you stumped as to what you should offer on Amazon to generate money? Examine your old possessions; you’re sure to find a number of goods that you no longer use and might sell online. In some respects, old possessions may be among the most profitable goods to sell on Amazon.

Amazon gift cards can be exchanged for Amazon gadgets.

If you’re a lover of Amazon gadgets, the Trade-In programme is worth looking into. It allows you to send in your old gadgets in exchange for an Amazon gift card. You would receive a discount on an item from the same product category if you used the voucher or promo code like Herff Jones Promo Code.

How to earn online


Freelancing is one of the best platforms where students can earn huge amount of money just by showing your best skills. For example, If you are an academic writer, you can provide assignment help services like MBA assignment help, dissertation writing etc.


Daraz is one the best e-commerce store in Pakistan where students can also earn huge amount of money. You just have to create a seller account and sell whatever you want.

Get paid to site

There are many sites that ask you to visit and they will pay you. Now, you can understand how much it is easy to earn even if you are a student. You just need to find the right platform by applying appropriate strategies.