3 Mistakes to Avoid When Applying to University

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The process of applying to a university can be a daunting and overwhelming task. High school graduates enter a completely new world, they don’t have any experience and feel stressed. How to make an informed decision and what mistakes to avoid during the application? Keep reading!

1.  Choosing a university without any research

Choosing a university to apply to is a serious decision that can have a very important impact on one’s future. There is nothing worse than going to a school your parents went to or applying somewhere only because others do it or because your family or friends convince you that it’s a good idea.


Studies are a wonderful stage in life when young people make first responsible decisions, and select the direction and path they want to follow in the future. If you aren’t sure where you see yourself in 5 years, benefit from study abroad counselling offered by companies like TC Global. This way, specialists will help you choose a university tailored to your expectations and predispositions. Moreover, they’ll also guide you throughout the entire application process to ensure that you avoid potential mishaps.

2.  Being unprepared for the application process

Application processes can be extremely complex. Actually, each case is different and depends on the regulations of a specific university. To make sure that you’re successful, you should do thorough research and prepare all the necessary documents well in advance. It’s natural that each country and government has its own laws and systems. To avoid problems, double check the list of application documents you need to provide and ask for specialist support if you have any doubts. It’s better to be safe than sorry. After all, the application process can decide about your future.

3.  Miscalculating expenses

Studies can be really expensive, especially if you apply to an international school and you don’t know too much about the costs of living in a given country. When preparing for the application process, do research to determine estimated costs of living and learning to make sure that you can afford the chosen direction. If you still have difficulties with the financial aspects, benefit from study abroad counselling and trust experienced specialists.

The takeaway

Although studies won’t necessarily predetermine your future and career, it’s worth making an informed decision and choosing a direction you’re truly passionate about. The application process can be really complex, so take advantage of a specialist study abroad platform developed by TC Global to sleep soundly knowing that professionals keep an eye on all important elements.