Best Free VPN To Bypass Internet Throttling

Internet Throttling is the process of slowing down internet speed once a particular data cap has been reached. Several ISPs are known for this practice, but thankfully, there are several ways to bypass it. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are simply connections between two computers that can extend across an actual physical distance. Instead of connecting you directly to the internet, a VPN creates an encrypted connection between you and another computer. The computers will act as the middleman for all your internet traffic; they’ll encrypt and decrypt data before sending it to its final destination. 

If anyone tries to intercept your information over the course of this journey, they’ll only see indecipherable code. You can think of Virtual Private Networks as a tunnel through the internet, and they’re useful for more than just bypassing throttling. A VPN will also provide you with digital privacy when on public WiFi networks and can be used to access region-locked content such as certain TV shows and movies. For these reasons, we’re now going to look at the best free VPNs to use to bypass throttling.

Note: The process of setting up a VPN varies depending on the provider, but you can usually find detailed tutorials by simply using your search engine or by visiting the support section of their website. You’ll need to download an app for your computer or mobile device in order to connect to the service. Most free VPNs limit the speed your data can be transferred at, which means that they’re not ideal for streaming in HD or playing online games.

Windscribe VPN lets you use 10GB of data each month for free. Although this isn’t a lot of monthly data, Windscribe is actually unlimited when it comes to devices on one account. You can connect up to 10 devices at once, which makes Windscribe the best free VPN for those looking for a family plan. With unlimited bandwidth, you can use it as much as you want without having to worry about throttling.

Windscribe offers several servers with locations all over the world. You can select any of these servers depending on what you want to do on the internet. If you’re just trying to unblock region-locked content, then simply choose a server in the appropriate country so that your traffic will be sent through it. Servers with faster speeds are ideal for streaming or playing online games, while servers with increased privacy should be used by those who need digital protection while browsing the web.

Windscribe’s free plan prevents access to their Windflix servers, which are optimized for streaming on devices like Chromecast and Roku. To get around this restriction, you need to upgrade your free account to a paid one. Windscribe is still our top choice for best free VPN service because of its generous data allowance, wide server network, and the numerous benefits that it offers for protecting your privacy.

Pros: Unlimited data on 10 connected devices Simultaneous connections on multiple platforms Long server list with great speeds Unblocks geographically restricted content Offers digital protection while browsing Cons: Only offers servers in 14 countries You’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan for full access Download speeds can be slow

TunnelBear is one of the most popular free VPN services available. It’s an attractive option for those looking to unblock region-locked content because it has servers in 20 different countries. TunnelBear offers fast connection speeds so you can easily stream your favorite shows or play online games. On top of that, this VPN is also very easy to use, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

TunnelBear doesn’t keep any traffic logs, but it does monitor your connection speed and the devices you’re currently using. This information is essential for providing you with relevant offers that can improve your experience on their website, such as suggesting faster servers. TunnelBear has a paid tier which costs either $4.99 per month or $49.99 for an entire year, but the free plan still offers 500MB of monthly data.

Pros: User-friendly interface Offers servers in 20 countries Keeps your digital information safe Unblocks popular streaming services Cons: Only offers servers in 20 countries Will not unblock all streaming services.