How to Set Up Gothic Fashion Accessories at your Home?

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What comes to your mind when you first hear Victorian Gothic? Images of dark, decrepit walls and creepy-looking homes with bats flying here and there are the ones that immediately come to your mind. But the Victorian Gothic movement of the 1740s boasts of ornate, gorgeous architectural designs that can be replicated in your modern homes too.

Here are some tips on how you would go about it.

The dramatic elegance

The Victorian Gothic décor is about elegance, drama, and making a statement, with the interiors draped in high-end fabrics with lots of decorative details and curved ornate furniture. Consult online websites and get a taste of it how your house will look after you redecorate the same.

Wallpaper adds to Victorian styling

A classic, gothic-inspired wallpaper helps you transform your house into a gothic-themed one with ease. For a more traditional Victorian look, choose the one with brocade textures and elaborate designs. For a darker theme, go for the ones with an underlying look and feel of velvet. Darker hues of black, burgundy, gold, or wine will definitely add some Victorian vibe to your dear abode.

Colours to choose for the walls

Imagine yourself all decked up in a sexy gothic skirt, a corset, and a frilly net jacket, and your man in goth trousers and a fancy white shirt posing against the Victorian gothic palette of your home. Can you imagine how classily gothic and picturesque the whole layout would look?

While you can obviously go for black for the gothic palette, it should be used in a moderate amount, unless you want to transform your home into a ‘haunted house’. The walls can have dramatic bright shades like wine red, emerald green, midnight blue, silver, and so on. Woody or stony panels, a brick look are other colour components that you may use to decorate/redecorate your house.

Choosing the fabrics

Just as the colours of the walls, properly chosen fabrics for the upholsteries and draperies can also create a classic Victorian gothic statement. Look out for satin, silk, or velvet in bold colours, vibrant prints, and textures. Keep in mind that anything hinting towards glamour, opulence, and classic/traditional (read, not modern) is the key to choosing your fabrics. Tapestries could also play an important part in setting up the look and feel of the house.

You also need to choose the drapery style. The draperies of the 1700s were just not decorative but functional as well. Heavy drapery panels over your doors and windows, sometimes also acting as a room divider is the go-to design for Victorian gothic houses. The draperies are also often found adorned with fringes, tiebacks, and tassels. These added detailing impart more drama to your gothic-inspired interiors.

Ornate gothic accessories

Want people to love your flair for drama? Add some ornate, Gothic accessories to your homes. Heavy wrought iron, stone, metal, or wood pieces are something you should hunt for. Carved stone statues, pottery bowls, gothic candle holders, chandeliers can be added to your Victorian Gothic décor.

Lancet windows

Tall, narrow windows, pointed at their arch, typically made of stained glass, and surrounded by heavy mouldings are called lancet windows. While most of us can’t add lancet windows to our homes. Go around thrift stores and flea markets to look for lancet windows or just look for huge, arched mirrors and hand them as artworks.

Lighting adding to the Victorian drama

Think of an old castle, how should it be lit? Not with LED bulbs, but with a lot of candles. And for candles, introduce heavy wood-carved or wrought iron gothic candle holders. The light from candles not only adds elegance to your room but also the right kind of drama that is required to set up the mood of a gothic mansion. You can also opt for flickering tealights to put in your chandeliers. This would give you the feel of a gothic house without all the pain of lighting your candles every day.

There are so many ways of transforming your home into a Gothic one. And that is what makes it so very stylish, you can go bold if you like, or just keep it subtle with hints of Victorian Gothic. Which one is your take?

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