Cheapest Credit Card Processing Companies for Small Businesses

Credit card processing is the backbone of every business. It allows you to offer goods and services and receive payment at the time of purchase or afterwards in a store, over the phone, via mail order, email, fax transmission and over the internet. Most people would think that accepting credit cards is expensive for small businesses but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are plenty of processing companies that allow small businesses to process transactions for less than $20 per month or even accept credit cards free of charge.

Paymentech is one of the most well-known and respected credit card processors in the United States. Founded in 1982, Paymentech provides payment terminals and electronic check conversion and processing and internet credit card acceptance. It also offers a range of other services such as: leasing, merchant accounts, Internet gateway and payment processing. Paymentech Network is a fully owned subsidiary of The Payments Company Bancorp (NASDAQ: PYPLI).

First Data provides small business solutions to help you manage all aspects of your business from accepting credit cards to processing payroll. After being founded in Omaha, Nebraska First Data has grown into one of the largest merchants services companies with over 19,000 employees and offices all around the world. In 2008 First Data was ranked as America’s fourth-largest private company by Forbes Magazine.

BluePay is a leading provider of credit card processing and merchant account solutions for small to medium sized businesses. BluePay offers a range of merchant accounts from single location to enterprise level. An advanced web-based management portal will allow you to track sales, manage employees and create custom reports.

Litle & Co has been in the credit card processing business for over 40 years and they know how to process credit cards fast and securely. They offer a range of different merchant services including: seamless Internet payment gateway, alternative payments, check verification and advice on card acceptance.

CyberSource is an electronic commerce payment service provider that helps businesses protect against fraud by verifying the identities of their customers online. The company specializes in e-commerce processing for small to medium-sized businesses, payment gateway services and risk management.

PayAnywhere provides credit card processing for small businesses around the world with an affordable mobile credit card reader. Customers are able to accept debit & credit cards on their iOS or Android device with a free app from the Apple Store or Google Play respectively. The company is now available in several countries around the world.

Moneris provides retail and restaurant POS solutions, ecommerce and online payment processing. It is one of Canada’s largest credit card processors with over 2,500 employees in Canada, the United States and Europe. Moneris works exclusively with small businesses providing many services at no charge or for a low flat rate.

Growth Capital is a merchant cash advance provider that offers small businesses flexible funding solutions in order to secure credit card processing services. Growth Capital has helped thousands of US companies get access to cash when their business needs it most. The company can help you finance your next equipment purchase, make improvements or expand into new markets.