The complete guide to choose the best cushion cover

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A cushion cover is a stretchable fabric or cloth draped over a cushion or a pillow to protect it from getting dirty. A good cushion cover can give the room a quick touch of elegance to the overall ambiance. There are various types and cushion cover designs are available in the market. It becomes pretty difficult to select one because there are many types of fabric, patterns, procedures, and colors are available. Some are cheaper, and some are very expensive; it depends upon the material. 

Different types of fabrics used for cushion covers

  • Cotton- cotton covers are extremely durable and comfortable. The designs printed on that look lively, and the colours and patterns give that area a stylish vibrancy look. It is readily available in the market, and it is not that high. It could be machine washed and doesn’t require any care.
  • Wool-wool is extracted from sheep, a natural fiber. Woollen covers give that area a cozy winter vibe. Wool covers are highly durable, and it needs gentle care. Woollen covers need to be hand-washed to maximize their longevity. 
  • Velvet-Velvet is woven, and it is time-consuming, which makes it an expensive fabric. It gives a soft feel and comes in elegant dark colours. It is durable and can be machine washed, and it doesn’t need much care. The demand for this fabric is relatively high.
  • Polyester-Polyester is a popular fabric that combines various fibers, and it is also a wrinkle-less fiber. The polyester cover comes with beautiful designs and comfort. It can suit any ambiance or area of the house. It doesn’t need much care, and it’s easily washed. As it is readily available in the market, it becomes relatively cheaper. 
  • Faux fur- faux fur is made from polymeric fibers, giving it an actual fur texture. It’s highly comfortable. It also provides a winter vibe. It should be handled with care, and it should be hand washed for its durability.

Benefits of using a good quality cushion cover 

Good quality cushion cover is necessary because it protects the cushion from getting dirty. A good quality cushion cover is durable and easy to maintain; it doesn’t get wrinkled or loose, the color and prints don’t fade away. It gives a soft and comfortable feel with rich colours and patterns.

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A good quality cushion cover might be expensive, but the quality it provides is way better than the cheap quality cushion covers available in the market. It will give the area a different look and vibe, making the room look more decorative than before. Having soft cushion covers will accommodate small kids to rest over it.


The cushion cover adds an extra spice to the place and makes that place look decorative and stylish. It gives a fantastic makeover to that place. The cushion cover should be purchased according to the designs, sizes, colors, and prints suitable for that place, and it should bring a fantastic vibe to that place. This is a complete guide to choosing the best cushion cover.