How Much Does the Custom Packaging Costs?

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Packaging is the most crucial step that helps in the promotion of the brand and in acquiring the trust of clients. It is the first thing that catches the eyes of consumers even before the product. So, why not impress the customer with the packaging alone? Custom packaging is the ultimate way to do so. In the customized wrapping, cartons are given aesthetic colour schemes, eye-catching designs and prints, catchy taglines, perfect font size and style that grabs customers’ attention at a very first look. It’s like love at first sight. But custom packing comes with luxury and costs side by side. Allow us to help you by introducing the elements that influence the cost of custom packaging.

Product you are selling:

The expense of customized wrapping depends upon the product you are selling. It can be cosmetics, vape, reed diffusers or any other product. For instance, your targeted audience for cosmetics will be females, so you have to choose designs, colour schemes, and taglines as per their interests. For any toy or baby product, your targeted audience is completely different. To dazzle a baby, all you need is a bubbly design. So, the product directly impacts the cost of packing. Get the idea from the Boxes on wholesale.


Material of the packaging box is one of the most important steps; it’s a win-or-bust situation. Opted material should be durable and strong enough to protect the product inside. Also, at the same time, it should synchronize with the product. If you are delivering fragrance, then your material should be soft but hard enough to protect the product inside it. The prices of materials vary. A hard and durable material will cost differently than a soft and short-lived material. So, opting for material will affect the cost of the packaging box.


Finishing also affects the cost of packaging a product. It evaluates the overall appearance of your packing. For instance, if you opt for a high glossy finishing, it will give a luxurious appearance to your packaging, while on the other hand, matte finishing will give a simple but elegant look. So, wisely choose the finishing as the costs of finishing differ respectively.


Design is another key ingredient that impacts the price of the best custom packaging. The design complexity is directly proportional to the cost of packaging the product. The more complex the design is, the higher is the expense. So, depending upon the product you are trying to package, go for a simple yet sophisticated design that will make your wrapping eye-catching and will not exceed your budget at the same time. Get the idea from the Lip Liner Boxes.


Printing is another element that has a huge impact on the expenditure of custom packaging designs. The methods like flexographic and lithographic, etc., alter the overall packaging cost. Go for a printing method that best suits your need. Furthermore, the quantity of printable has a huge role in the cost of wrapping. Always go for a higher number of prints simultaneously because printing in bulk will save you money.


Size is everything when it comes to the best custom packaging and is co-related with the product you are selling. The size of the box varies with the product you want to package, and hence the expense. For instance, for cosmetics like lipsticks or jewelry, you will need a mini box that will cost low compared to large items. To save your cost here, all you can do is set the size that synchronizes with your product. And if you are selling multiple products, you can choose one standard size that will be compatible will all your products.

Quantity and the Add-Ons:

The price will always be high for one unit, so always prefer to order hundreds and thousands of custom boxes; this will greatly affect your expenditure. Additionally, the customized add-ons are unnecessary and will elevate your expense but still, for the satisfaction of consumers and a better unwrapping experience, you can opt for Add-ons. But if it’s getting expensive, you can drop this option anytime.

Wrapping up, the answer to how much the custom packaging costs is not straightforward. The cost of custom wrapping depends upon several factors. Also, it’s in the hand of retailers. You can make custom packaging expensive or within your budget; it depends on you.

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