Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Phone

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Almost everyone is unaware of the factors to consider and omit while shopping for a new smartphone. When you go to the market to get a new smartphone, you can find models ranging in price from Rs 5000 to Rs 100,000 or even more.

Smartphones have become an integral part of our life in recent years. However, with so many of these phones available, choosing one to buy may prove challenging. Before you go out and get a phone or begin looking at other features, consider the type of phone you require. The point is that you should be prepared to employ it if necessary. 

Listed below are some of the questions and factors you should consider before buying a new phone.

Battery Durability

It is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a smartphone. You cannot leave your phone charging or connected to a power bank for the day. As a result, checking the phone’s battery life may be advantageous. Each user’s battery consumption is unique, determined by their smartphone usage.

If you frequently use your phone for graphics-intensive gaming, video streaming, and other activities, you should go for a smartphone with a battery capacity of at least 4000mAh or greater, for this, you can consider Oppo A74 or Oppo F19 Pro Plus. However, if you are a light or moderate user, a 3500mAh or even 3000mAh battery will last you the entire day.


The amount of RAM placed on a smartphone affects its performance and the number of background applications that can run, whereas the ROM stores the operating system and media assets.

The latter is also known as internal storage, and it is where you keep all of your applications, images, movies, files, and other data. As a result, it’s vital to inspect any smartphone you’re considering purchasing the RAM and internal storage.

Consider extending your storage space if you are a heavy user. In any case, 3/4 GB of RAM and 32/64 GB of storage should be enough. However, if extra cloud storage is required in your Oppo A74 or Oppo F19 Pro Plus smartphone to secure your critical media assets, you can do so following the initial backup.


A phone’s camera is one of the most important features today. If you are buying a smartphone, consider features such as the number of cameras, the aperture size, the hybrid autofocus, megapixels, manual modes, optical stabilization, and the ability to take selfies.

Remember that megapixels alone don’t automatically equate to higher-quality images. In addition to aperture, ISO, and so forth, other camera features should be considered as well. A store can give you a demonstration of the camera.

Processors and peripherals

Any device’s brain is the processor. It is responsible for the general operation of the device. Dual-core, quad-core, octa-core, Snapdragon, and Mediatek are used to describe CPUs. Before getting a new smartphone, verify the CPU speed in GHz.

Additionally, seek smartphones powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, which are the most powerful in their class and provide the most value for money. 


If you’re a gamer, seek a smartphone with a minimum display size of 6.0 inches and the latest high-refresh-rate displays. On the other hand, if your smartphone will be primarily used for WhatsApp or social media, a smaller screen would suffice.

LCD and AMOLED are the two most common types of display panels. The distinction between them lies in the way light is projected. If you want to watch Full HD 1080p videos on YouTube or Netflix, you can choose from Full-HD, FullHD+, or QHD formats, preferred with a Full HD or FullHD+ display.

Operating System

You can choose between Android and iOS as your operating system. However, if you prefer Android, there are other options. Verify the Android version before purchasing a new smartphone. Android Pie and Android 10 are the most recent versions.

It is suggested that you investigate only handsets running these two Android versions since they will almost certainly continue to receive software support for the following two years, keeping you updated.


Finally, but certainly not least, examine the pricing of the smartphone. Calculate the difference in price between your budget and the smartphone’s price. Bear in mind that as the number of features and functionalities rises, the price will increase accordingly.

If you cannot purchase your future smartphone due to a financial constraint, you can still obtain the best-guaranteed pricing. You can consider Oppo A74 or Oppo F19 Pro Plus as these are one of the best affordable featured phones available in the market.