Tips for writing a good essay for tests

Maintain a logical order

Even though it’s linked to the argument about planning, I couldn’t resist mentioning it. To write an essay in a test, it’s so simple to become bogged down in the details and start rambling about the topic at hand. Make a strategy for your essay and adhere to it like glue to ensure that it is as clear and powerful as possible. Maintain a regular paragraph structure like PEEL/PEAL (point, example, explanation/analytical link) so you know when it’s time to stop and go on to the next paragraph.

Prepare a few possible thesis statements and essay frameworks in advance.

There is some debate about memorising essays, but I believe we can all agree that you should at least have some thoughts and possible essay formats in your head before you enter the test room. As long as you can adapt your essay to the question, it shouldn’t be a problem if you try to remember it word-for-word, which is not recommended. It’s all about discovering what works best for you, but if you have a few different essay forms and flexible thesis ideas to work with, you’ll be able to create an amazing essay in only 40 minutes. If are looking for writing service , you can visit our website.

Pause for a moment if you’re having trouble.

Because the time is ticking and you can’t magically force yourself to recall a phrase or come up with an idea, having a mental blank during an exam is not a nice sensation. It’s going to be a difficult situation, but your best strategy is to take a step back and think about what you’re saying instead of going on and on.

When you go off topic, your essay loses its coherence and the grading criteria for the ‘composing’ of your answer are negatively impacted. If you don’t pause, the marker may believe you don’t comprehend your argument, therefore it’s always a good idea to allow yourself a few seconds to come up with a solution. In the event that you can’t, either go on and attempt to return at a later date, or simply give up and move on. If are looking for writing service, you can visit our website.

Don’t forget to use the keyword and the source material to anchor your essay.

The verb or term in the question will always inform you how to place your argument, even if you don’t have a picture or a quotation to refer to.

Keep in mind what you’re searching for so you can pass the marks

Recalling what your examiners want is the most important piece of advice for test essay writing. That doesn’t imply that you should just tell your NESA marker what you think they want to hear, since that’s not what you’re doing.

Instead, take your time and think carefully about your essay. Your instructor wants to assess how well you comprehend the texts and how the writers conveyed their views. If you can explain the notion of Discovery in all its facets, they will be impressed. As a result, they want to assess how effectively you are able to synthesise all of these concepts into one coherent whole. There is no need to get bogged down in complex jargon or incomprehensible tactics.


The most important thing to remember while writing an essay in an exam is to be as prepared as possible and to have a sound test plan in place. Keep your cool and manage your time so that you can compose the essay you would have come up with if you weren’t in a test room.