Instacart Clone App – An Efficient Online Grocery Delivery Market

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As an App Owner, you get to decide a lot of components about your On-Demand Grocery Delivery Services offered on the App. But, the tough question is why to only get an Instacart App Clone? Where to get the App and earn massive Profits?

Why give a shot to Instacart Clone?

  • It is User-Friendly: The User is the Consumer. Customers can Order Food, Groceries, Stationery, or even Oriental Lilies while they are stuck in the Traffic, or in between the lunch breaks at their Office. The App’s User-Friendly Interface makes it easy for Customers of all Age Groups to use the App. 
  • Option of Cashless Payments: The Pandemic has shifted a large percentage of Customers to Online Payment Mode. A seamless Cashless Experience makes Customers happy. The App Owners offer a variety of Online Modes of Payment such as In-App Wallets, Internet Banking, or Payment via Bank Cards.  
  • Streamline Online Purchase: Online Ordering was an option for only a large chain of Grocery Markets, but with the entry of the Online Grocery Delivery App, even local Grocery Stores are now Profiting from this App. The App becomes a virtual Storefront for the Stores from where the Customers can offer Farm Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, or Raw Salmon Slices. The Customers can see the Store’s Location, Product Variety, Availability of the Product, etc. The Customers can edit their cart, and also track their Delivery on the App itself.

Instacart Clone Features that make it an ‘Efficient’ On-Demand App

The features are what make an App Effective and Efficient. Since you are running an On-Demand Grocery Delivery App; these are a handful of Features to conduct a ‘Spot-On’ Service Delivery. 

Grocery Stores can Register Under Several Categories 

Jared’s Fresh Groceries was registered on the App under the Grocery Delivery Category only. However, in November, they started selling Fresh Raw Meat Packets like Chicken, Beef, Fish, etc. Now, Jared, the Owner of the Grocery Store submitted a request to the App Owner to add the Store under the ‘Raw Meat Delivery’ Category as well. 

Thus, by following a simple process on his Service Provider’s Grocery Delivery App, he is now registered under more than one Category.  And thus goes the quote, “The More, the Merrier!”

Advanced Rating of the Grocery Stores or their Delivery 

The Instacart Clone App Owner’s main motto is to follow the World Health Organizations Covid-19 safety Guidelines to put a constraint on the spread of the Virus. Thus, the Admin will keep regular tabs on the Feedback from the Users. The Feedback questions might be –  was the Delivery Driver wearing Face Mask, was the delivery Contactless, etc. Thus, the feedback specifically talks about if the Covid-19 Safety Measures were followed or not. 

The Users can only rate the Store or the Delivery Driver once the App Updates their Orders as “Successful Delivery.”

Delivery Status with In-App Push Notifications 

The Customers can now track their Delivery in Real-Time through In-App Push Notifications. The Live Status of the Order is depicted by Interactive Graphical Illustrations. For instance, the In-App Push Notification might Pop Up on your Smartphone screen saying, “Your Order has been Packed and is ready for Dispatch.”

These In-App Push Notifications work to engage your Users and offer a greater value by providing them Delivery Updates at the right time. Other Delivery Update Notifications can be – your Delivery Driver has Picked Up the Order, Your Order is 5 minutes away, Order Delivered Successfully, etc. 

The Feature of Item Search 

This feature helps the Users to efficiently search for the Grocery Stores, Grocery Items, or other Item Categories just by searching with a relevant Keyword. Popular demo versions of slots from Novomatic for free. For example, if the User searches for ‘Bell Peppers’ in the Search Bar, they can get a sorted List of Grocery Stores that sell Bell Peppers and the different varieties of Bell Peppers in the Item List. 

The Item Search Feature saves a lot of time which otherwise, the Customers would have spent just on scrolling and searching the Grocery Items or Stores. 

SKU Codes for Grocery Stores 

SKU Code or Stock Keeping Units are the unique codes assigned to every single item sold in the Grocery Store. All the codes are fed into the Computer Systems which makes it easier for the Store Owner and the Manager to keep an eye on the Inventory. 

So, with quick Product Details in hand, the Grocery Store can efficiently speed up the Delivery of the Order and ensure that only Fresh Items reach the Customers.  


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